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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday July 14, 2010

Quoting Joker Phillips: "When I hire coaches, the No. 1 thing I ask is, 'Can he recruit?' Second is, 'How is he as a teacher?' Third, I want enthusiasm and passion for Kentucky. I've got to sell the coaches first. They have to have passion for the plan we have in place."

"We want to compete for the SEC East championship -- and that gives you the chance to compete on a national level. We make no bones about it: We want to play for the national championship."

"We've got to be persistent in selling our message. The kids will continue to hear our message and hear it the same way from everybody that delivers it. We'll be winning in the classroom and in the community. We'll be model citizens, and make no bones about it, we'll win on the football field. We're not going to take a backseat to anyone."

"We want kids to have to tell us 'no.,' And if we get a 'no,' that will give us a chance to go on to the next [recruit]. I tell our coaches, 'Go get the 'no.' "

Quoting Kentucky wide receivers coach Tee Martin: "What's happening is kids come to visit us and leave saying that they didn't know Kentucky was like that. With a few great recruiting classes, in a couple of years we can turn the tables in the SEC East."

"When we first hit the road, the response was great. A lot of high school coaches and players have a great relationship with Joker. When I go to Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, I've been received well. I knew Kentucky recruited there, but I didn't know how deeply entrenched Joker was.

"It's going to take a few major top guys to go to Kentucky. They will have to go to Kentucky and start it. ... It takes a few guys to jump in the boat first and pull other guys into the boat. We have 14 players committed already. Kentucky hasn't done that before. That shows the excitement kids have for our program and for Joker Phillips."

Quoting Pete Carroll (on if he thinks Reggie Bush took money): "I don't know. Something happened. Something happened in there. There's too much stuff. . . . There's a house and there's a lot of things going on."

(on being upset the wins were vacated) "They all happened. Every one of them happened. Every one of those games, every one of those runs, every one of those finishes to the season, every one of those championship matchups, all those kids did all that stuff."

Quoting Sonny Dykes: "I like the WAC. There are a lot of people that aren't that fired up about us being in the WAC, and I can understand why with the travel and that type of stuff, but I think it's unique. I think our players get to travel to a lot of different places, and I like it."