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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Friday July 16, 2010

Interesting quotes from Larry Fedora: "The first college football game of the 2010 season is us. So every college football fan in this entire country will be watching us - watching the Golden Eagles beating South Carolina."

"And I've already told the guys when it happens, walk across the field and shake their hands like you expected it to happen."

"Everybody in here has asked me about the defense. I'm going to tell you right now we are going to have a dang good defense."

Quoting Nick Saban: "We assume that everybody is like us - that they want to be the best and that they want to win. Yet 95 percent of the people out there are normal. We're not normal. We're driven, but 95 percent of the people are normal, and all they want to do is survive."

"I don't read the paper," he said. "I don't listen to the radio. I have never listened - in three years at Alabama - to Paul Finebaum. I never listened to him in all my time at LSU. I like the guy, and I don't have a problem with him. I never listened to him."

"The way (Lebron James) managed what he just did speaks volumes about who he is and whether he is a team guy - not because he left Cleveland, but the way he (Lebron) did it. That's not the kind of trust and respect you'd like to have in a team organization."

"We have a whole class of kids who have never lost a game. We have another class of kids on our team who have never lost a regular-season game. ... They've been on national television 22 times, or something of the like. And they, all of a sudden, think that this is just how it is."

Quoting Vandy interim head coach Robbie Caldwell: "Most coaches are out there getting the fields ready for the (7-on-7 high school) camps. That was usually my job, and to tell them how much I was doing and how hard I was working. They won't let me go out there now."

"You sit and work for people all these years, but you don't have any idea what they do until you sit in that seat."

"I've learned when the game is over, you move on to the next one. You take care of your players, you take care of your family and you move on."

Quoting Georgia recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner: "I'm definitely offended if people say we have bad kids. We have good kids. We've got kids with character. They make a mistake, we've got to deal with it and move on."

"People will forget - kids will make mistakes. If you have kids of your own, you will know that. Your kids don't get publicized. Everything (for UGA players) gets publicized in a fishbowl, but they're going to make bad decisions. I've got six kids and not all of them do everything I want done at the same time.

"You think about it, if you've got 125, you're definitely not going to have all of them doing what you want. It is magnified. What you try to do is continue to educate your kids on how to make good decisions."

"Our kids are high-character kids. I understand we get more arrests than other people for whatever reason. That's debatable in a lot of areas."

Quoting Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly: "There's obviously a move toward super conferences," Kelly said. "We're going to have to see how that plays out. I know our athletic director Jack Swarbrick has every angle played and every back-up plan, if you will, looked at. So in case we have to do something, I think we're very, very well prepared. I'd say we're safe right now, but to answer the question truthfully, I think there's going to be some more movement here in the next year or so."

"I think we can all surmise that if it became just super conferences, maybe that shadow would have been too large for us to stay on the sideline. I still think this is about television and I think it's still about finances and dollars that are still out there. A lot of that has to do with where you want your brand. Branding today for schools is so important."

(on recruiting) "It's been very good. But having said that, we're recruiting 17- and 18-year-olds who haven't seen winning football since they were 14. We're getting into that area where we have to remind our recruits about success. This is a very crucial time in recruiting for us. We're doing quite well right now and I feel very comfortable with the commitments we have and how we're moving forward, but we have to win football games. I'll tell you this, when we start winning some football games at Notre Dame, we'll be able to really hit on the profile we're looking for."

Quoting Kevin Sumlin: "I like our mindset right now. I think the experiences toward the end of the year, we were really only one play away from winning a championship. Because we came so close, I think our guys have a little bit of a chip on their shoulder right now."

"I like our energy level with Brian Stewart on defense. I like the way we came into the spring and how we were bouncing around. It's kind of a bittersweet feeling from last year."