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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday July 20, 2010

Quoting Memphis special teams coordinator Don Yanowsky: "Some of the places I've been where we've won a lot you look out there and all of a sudden on the kickoff team your starting running back is (out there). You look out there on the punt-block team and there's a starting wide receiver coming off the edge and trying to block punts. Then you know you've got something special because they've bought in. It's not about self, it's about the team. That's the kind of culture we'll try to develop."

Quoting FIU head coach Mario Christobal: "We've had a great offseason. Guys have really been working hard. And you know, one beautiful thing about college football, it always brings groups of young men together with a common goal and a common purpose. These are strong-minded young men that have very, very high standards and goals, and I'll tell you what, it's been a great, great offseason."

Quoting Gene Chizik: "You have 125 of them. When it's all said and done, you are responsible for every one of them. You have to keep pounding it every day. You know they are listening to you when you talk. You don't know if they are hearing you."

"You keep educating. You keep talking. You show them when they are incidents out there. ‘Look who they embarrassed. Look who is paying the price for one man's decision.' It's never just him. It's embarrassing not just for the university and your football team, but for so many more people."

Quoting Al Groh: "I don't know if it matters what you do on offense and defense as long as you have a package that you understand. He's someone who has a system who I think can help us win some games."

"For 40 years, I have been a husband, father and a coach. That is what I do. I don't play golf, I putter in the garden, I think about football, I think about our players. That's what I do. That's what I always intended to continue to do.

"When this opportunity came up, it was very intriguing because it would enable me to continue to be who I am and do what I feel challenged by."

Quoting Houston Nutt: "When I first met Jerrell Powe, he was 384 pounds. Now he's 319."

Quoting new Kent State AD Joel Nielsen: "Football is going to be a priority."

"There hasn't been one, and I truly believe they are genuine in their thoughts, who doesn't understand what a successful football program can do, not only for the institution, but also for their own programs. I've been very up front with the coaches that we have to get football going. And since doing that, I've had coaches come in here and not even talk about their programs."

"Football is the kickoff in the fall, and it really sets the tone in a lot of ways for the rest of the year. I can say this because I've been at Wake Forest and seen that campus when football wasn't going the way it is now. At Wake, athletics wouldn't kick off until October when (basketball star) Tim Duncan started practicing."

"But when football gets going, you can start kicking it off when the kids report in August. Then you have your first game. Then Homecoming. You have these successive dates in the fall that just energize. They can energize all of Northeast Ohio. They can energize the campus and the students. That's why football is so important."

Quoting Kent State head coach Doug Martin: "The new focus on football has already had an impact on our players. They see what is going on, and they are excited about it. I think the most exciting thing for us is that (Nielsen) has a football background, so he understands."