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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday July 22, 2010

Interesting quote from Dan Mullen: "I'm not going to knock (Saban), I don't know his personal record. But I've coached the spread offense and I've had a lot more first-round quarterbacks drafted than he's ever had in his career."

Interesting quote from Paul Johnson: "The speed thing is a joke anyway. Everybody talks about SEC speed. The 27 fastest guys at the (NFL) combine, how many of them were from the SEC? Three. But if you say it enough, everybody will believe it."

"It's the same with the option. They say, "You can't do it. They have too much speed." It's the same as anything else. If you have fast guys, it's going to be hard to do anything. That said, at the next level, you'd have to have somebody committed to having a couple of quarterbacks who could do it."

"And I think another myth is that option quarterbacks are always getting hurt. Our guy played every game last year. How many dropback, pro-style teams just in our league had their quarterback play every game? North Carolina's didn't. Wake's didn't. Florida State's didn't. Boston College's didn't. Guys get hurt. It's football. The guys I had at Georgia Southern and Navy, they didn't miss much time. But it makes for a good story."

"No. I used to have a practice card, a 5x7 card, in the box. When I was in Hawaii, the head coach wanted us to have a sheet. It was the same every game. It just changed at the top, whatever the theme was. I'd fold it up and stick it in my back pocket. I'd never really look at it."

Quoting Nick Saban: One thing I do want to get established here is I want to make sure I'm in the right year. I want to be in the moment here today. Is it 2010? Am I right about that? Because everything I kind of hear has always been about last year. So I'm going to make sure that we're going to talk about this year relative to our team.

So Phil Mickelson I think is kind of a great example of all that in that it took him 14 years before he won a major, but when he won one, he won several. But last year is basically over. You know, we're not really defending a championship. I'm sure somebody is going to ask me, How are you going to defend this championship? The championship's a part of history and we're not going to defend anything.
I think we're not into repeating. Everybody asked the Yankees when they were in training camp, is it going to be more difficult to repeat this year winning the World Series this year than last year? All 25 guys said, Yes, absolutely, it would be.

You know, a realistic view of this team is that we lost 11 starters, a punter, a kicker, and a great return guy.

Look, if we had all the same ingredients coming back, all the same ingredients, I watched a cooking show the other day with a guy on TV showing you how to cook. Let me just say, I put all the same ingredients in my pot as he put in his, and what came out of the oven is not the same as what came out of his oven. Even if we had all the same ingredients back, it would be difficult to manufacture the same kind of team chemistry.

I'll give you an example. We had an issue a couple years ago with Smitty who got suspended for the Sugar Bowl. You know, we probably could have prosecuted the guy. But in prosecuting the guy that did wrong, we would have put our institution in jeopardy - possibly - from an NCAA standpoint. We didn't do it. But then the same guy is standing in line trying to give our players money this past year and nothing gets done about it. It's not a good situation.

Well, you know, we have 40 people who do nothing but check class. But when one of our guys misses class, somebody is knock on his door at 5 after 8. Because of the guidelines we set up, just like the speed limit signs, we don't want to get tickets, I'm going to go ahead and go to class because somebody is going to be here and wake me up anyway.

Quoting Dabo Swinney: "Kyle seems to really be at peace with his decision. There was a peace in his voice, and you could tell he had his jaw set and that there was a resolve in his voice. He said ‘let's go play some football.' You have to give a lot of credit to the Parkers, they were first class in the way they handled this. I have never had to deal with a situation like this before, but they did a good job of keeping me in the loop."

"It is a great situation that has created a lot of buzz, and there are a lot of people talking about it. I actually just hung up with C.J. Spiller, and he is all fired up about Kyle coming back, and it got me to thinking. Since C.J. has yet to sign his contract, and it wasn't fair that he wasn't invited to the Heisman Trophy ceremonies, he should have another year of eligibility and we'll bring him back for another year."

Quoting Billy Napier: "This takes the handcuffs off as far as the creativity-part early in camp. There will be no limits in what we can ask these guys to do."

Quoting Urban Meyer: So to say how do you keep -- I heard a comment about keep the agents off campus. Arguably one of the most ridiculous statements I've ever heard because they are off campus. They're not on our campus. If they are, they're hiding behind bushes.

In the history of civilization, without getting overdramatic here, if there's a problem, to fix a problem, there's a set of rules and violations, rules and laws. If you violate a rule or a law, you have to pay a serious price for people who break or violate those rules or laws.
On a student-athlete losing a season of eligibility or games, that's significant. That affects their livelihood, name, reputation, the school's reputation. The other end of that has to be severely punished, as well.

I have a lot of respect for the new coach on Tennessee. I spent a lot of time talking to him. You can tell he has everything in order. He's a high-character guy. That's nice to see. I have a lot of respect for that coach.

With that comes a lot of pressure to perform. I think everybody knew that. When you get in the SEC, you understand that. I think it's much deeper than the SEC. I think it's throughout America right now.
You don't have time to build a program. That's well-documented. Those days are done. You have to go perform, win some games immediately, or you've got a problem.

It will be difficult to enforce, but I think it's a great rule. Like any rule, whether you're dealing with a football team or college coaches or whatever you're dealing with, every new rule, let's put a bunch of rules in, then you have to enforce them. All I'm saying is if that rule is in place, enforce it. If you enforce it, I think it's a great rule, because you don't need to do that stuff.

One common characteristic of a great quarterback is the personnel around him. I think we have it, but it's not been identified yet. So it's going to be a big job for us in training camp.

I'm really excited about Teryl Austin. Chuck Heater -- the nuts and bolts of our staff, really, Chuck and Coach Addazio, they're the original members. What I found out is how much I really appreciate. I don't want to say the program runs by itself because it doesn't, but our video staff is intact, our strength coach is intact, most of the key components are intact. We adapt, we don't change. The new coaches have done a great job of coming in and adapting to Florida style. I feel really good about the staff.

Quoting Dan Mullen: The biggest thing you learn in year 1 is time management. I think there is a lot more comfort in knowing what's coming at you.

You have to win your home games. We have got to win our home games and find some ways to win some games on the road. Our goal is to play in Atlanta.

I was really worried this year. In year one there is a reason. Not just in the short term, they are buying in for the long term.

We'll do some things (on defense) that not a lot of other teams do. He (Manny Diaz) is not scared to think outside the box.

(on the strength of the team) Our team concept of things...our team building. It's gonna take all eleven. I think we have the best strength & conditioning coach in the country with Matt Balis. The things he does to build a team is tremendous.

You may see 4 backs with a lot of carries.

Quoting Joker Phillips: "Last year it was, ‘We don't have enough commitments.' Now it is, ‘I hope we are getting the right ones.' You can't win. We usually are the first staff when some of the so-called big-name people lose players that they are picking on. That means we know how to evaluate. You just have to be patient with us and see the end results. We know we are getting the right players."

"If you look at those last five, six or seven commitments we got last year, those were players, That was our plan. We wanted to lay in the weeds knowing there were some good players out there. We will do it this year. We will try to hold some scholarships. We are starting to pull back right now and not take many commitments right now because we want to hold some scholarships."

"Everybody thinks they are going to Florida, Georgia, Florida State, Miami or Alabama at this time of year, but everybody can't go there. We will be waiting there for them."

Quoting David Cutcliffe: "We are having a blast. The [coaching] staff, the blend of the kids on the team and the kind of kids we are recruiting is just phenomenal. I absolutely love where we are in recruiting. Can we win at Duke? Yeah, and it's because of our high standards."

"I hear two things that people always say: 'You play football at Duke?' and 'Duke football is the worst football in the BCS.' We are better than that. No one questions that now. And wait until they see us in a few seasons."

"Kevin White has been at Notre Dame, and he knows big-time football. He knows the model. He knows how to support us, raise money and organize. Kevin White is the consummate pro."

"The facility is really good and we have enhanced the stadium. We are way ahead of where I was at with Ole Miss. We are going to compete with higher institutions. We have to beat teams like Notre Dame on kids, and that's what we intend to do."

Quoting new USC athletic director Pat Haden: It probably happened 6-8 weeks ago. The president-elect Max Nikias said if I were to make a change, would you be interested in this job. I said, "No."

We kind of bumped into each other again 2-3 weeks ago and kind of raised the flag again. I kind of gave the same response.

It was kind of my wife that convinced me to take a look at this thing.

Max and I met last Friday and agreed to make this thing come real.

You can't put a fence around your student-athletes. You have to be vigilant 24-7. You have to be even more vigilant today than yesterday.

No. It was the president's decision, but I agreed with it. We love Reggie Bush, maybe the most exciting player in college football history. The subliminal message here that the president is putting forwards is that we want great players like Reggie Bush to come here to USC, going forward, but we are going to win in the right way.

I give Lane a lot of credit, keeping this thing together during this time. The poor guy has got some young kids that are being re-recruited. You're supposed to be on vacation, he said ‘I can't. My guys are all being re-recruited.'

It's going to be rough. He's (Lane) a capable guy, a superb recruiter.

He's going to coach ‘em the best we can. I still think we're going to do quite well.

(on if this is his last job) I hope to have another career or two after this. I plan to do this as long as he (the president) will have me, but I hope to do some other things in my life before I say goodnight.

Quoting Marshall head coach Doc Holliday: "Number one, I just look at our schedule. We don't have a lot of time, we've got to get better in a hurry. We can't let a day go by where we aren't improving. We open with a great Ohio State ballclub, and our first seven opponents went to bowl games last season."

"I've got the best strength coach in America in Frank Piraino," Holliday said. "We've got seven more days of workouts, then we start practices Aug. 4. A lot of the coaches are on vacation now and will report next week. We're going to get going here and ready to go."

"We're going to find out who gives us the best chance to win. We have talent coming into the camp. Willy Korn, Brian Anderson - our starter last year - and our freshman, A.J. Graham; all of them have put in the time. We're going to make the call based on who gives us the best chance. I like all of those guys right now, and they all have worked extremely hard."

"We'll have multiple looks defensively. We'll do a lot out of the 3-4 and 3-3-5. We'll be using three down linemen a lot."

Quoting Joker Phillips: "My name is Joe, and my dad's name was Joe before he passed away. My grandfather, just so when he called one Joe that both of us wouldn't come running, deemed me as Joker. It's the only name I've ever known."

"The number one thing is Tee (Martin) understands Facebook, which a lot of us don't understand. I mean, he is not that far removed from winning the national championship. These kids know him. He and Randall Cobb were already friends on Facebook."

Quoting UGA offensive coordinator Mike Bobo: "I think A.J. Green is the most humble individual on our football team. He goes out and does his job. In the two years he's been here, I've never heard him say one negative thing, like, ‘Hey, I'm open', or ‘Throw me the football.' You say, ‘Great catch' and he goes, ‘That's what I'm supposed to do, Coach.' He's an awesome kid."