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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Tuesday July 27, 2010

Quoting Mack Brown: "I think with all the pressure on coaches and players, I'm not sure teams are having as much fun now."

(on dealing with a player who wants to transfer) "It's easy for us. You try to try them like your sons or daughters. If it's not working, we'll give you a release to anywhere you want, Oklahoma, anywhere, because it's about you not us."

"We tell the high school coaches if a Texas booster calls you, call us immediately!"

"We have every contract on the car. We have a bill of sale for the car. We know where they are staying. We try to be very proactive."

"Will (Muschamp) understands I'm going to stay as long as I want to."

"I think everything may change in 10 years. We would have been ok in the Pac-10. The problem is if A&M doesn't go, you're breaking a 116 year tradition."

"It's hard to say. Pete is a good friend of mine. I don't even know what's going on with our 4 children. Our compliance office is on top of things."

"I had a knee replacement in '05. I was heavy. The knee operation was great for me. Our 4 children got married over the last 4 years. This is a great time in my life."

Quoting Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman: (on calling plays) "It's tough. Friday nights, I'm grinding through tendencies. But I have a great staff, guys I count on a lot. I (do) think it connects you to the players."

(on replace Joe Kines with Tim DeRuyter) "God bless Joe. He did everything he could. Joe didn't miss any tackles. . . . I have high expectations of our defense, but at the same time, we're gonna be a work in progress. Last year, we were fast enough but we didn't physically make the tackle and we gave up yards after contact. If we just tackle better, without even the scheme change, I think we'll be a better defense."

"Certainly in our fan base, our former students dream of the days of the mid-80s and '90s where we were that marquee-type of team. And when I took the job, I really felt that we had enough of a recruiting base in the state of Texas and that we had enough to sell, that we would be able to recruit players to come to make Texas A&M that type of team."

"I think we're getting closer to that point, that vision that I had when I took this job. This season for us is about taking that next step, and the next step for us is to be in games in the fourth quarter with two minutes left where you're in position to win the football game."

"I think the Big 12 needs A&M to step up to the plate and be that type of team. We're ready to accept the challenge."

Quoting Paul Rhoads: "A year ago, our objective was to improve. We were coming off of a 10-game losing streak. We wanted to improve in every regard, and I think we did that. We'll be improved (this year), but the schedule is very challenging. I've got a roster that will play to win every game and will prepare to win every game. That I can promise you."

"Winning the bowl game, I think we launched ourselves into January. The bowl win was a large part of where we've gone in the last seven months."

Quoting Ralph Friedgen: (on the Navy game) "I think it's great for the state. I think it's great for high school football. I think it's an in-state rivalry we need. Navy plays Army, that's their big rivalry. But to have an in-state rivalry is good. The last time we played, we were fortunate to win, but to me was a tremendous game. Packed house, pageantry was great, sportsmanship was great. ...Two really great universities competing against each other. The sportsmanship, competitiveness and respect for each other was really what won out the day."

"Hopefully we have the same result, but Navy's 10-2 and we're 2-10. Things are a little different than when we started this thing."

Quoting Les Miles: "I don't like the fact we're fourth-ranked, and I think our football team will feel the same. I just want you to know, this will be a great time to play to the great expectations of Louisiana and agree with the 92,500 that come into Tiger Stadium each week. It's time to beat somebody up. We look forward to seeing if we can earn our spot.

"Listen. You'd better get those tickets (to the UNC game) because we're going to play like hell."

"Finishing third in the nation's toughest conference isn't good enough. Playing in a New Year's Day bowl again isn't good enough."

Quoting David Cutcliffe: "I have never been, and this is an honest statement, more excited about working with a group that this one."

 "We agreed from the beginning that we wanted to play that game (Alabama) at home in Wallace-Wade (Stadium). It's not just to play it at Duke. I like our bowl partners. We're stretching our fan base (in a time of tough economic times). I think it's hurting our bowl partners. I'd like to see that slow down a little bit in college football."

"I don't believe you have to have as dominant a QB in college as the NFL."

"The defensive players in the NFL are so phenomenal. It's not the schematics. You're just not going to run for 300 yards in the NFL. The players (on defense) are so good."

"The best way to win is to get solid defensively. You want to have a good quarterback, but you can't have a guy that is going to get you beat. They don't have to make spectacular plays. The 5 games we won last year, we played our best defense by far. That is your fastest path to winning."

"Sean (Renfree) is more of our style, pro style, but only thrown 50 balls so far. He got no contact work this spring (ACL). It's one of the biggest mysteries I faced from that standpoint."

"We have 54 freshman and sophomores on the roster. We are really young."

Quoting Virginia head coach Mike London: (on not playing golf today at ACC meetings) I replace divits with the best of ‘em.

(on coaching at Richmond vs. UVA) The biggest difference is the amount of connection, getting with people, getting the message out. Sometimes you don't want to but it's necessary.

(the first thing he wanted to accomplish) To change the mindset of our players, how they thought of themselves. We wanted a series of small victories.

You have to embrace the academic expectations.

If you came to our place now, with what's going on now, there is a concerted effort (to improve facilities). We're doing a lot of things so facilities wise, we are not coming up short.

We're recruiting to "the opportunity to play."

Quoting Randy Shannon: "That's what I enjoy about this team, watching the chemistry develop. That's the one thing that is very prevalent. They are taking ownership."

"I think we are definitely getting a lot closer (to being a dominant defense)."

"The more competitive (we are)...the better the chemistry."

"They understand coach isn't around us at night. We have to police ourselves."

"You have to constantly educate the players all the time. Three weeks ago, Vince Woolfork's wife came to speak to our team. We also had someone from the NFLPA talk to the team (about agents)."

Quoting Larry Fedora: "We are expecting a breakout year. We're going into our third year. We've upgraded our talent level and I've got the pieces of the puzzle in place. We'll be a major player in this league."

"I really feel like we're starting to get all the pieces together. This is our third recruiting class. We feel good about our upgrade in talent, which gives us some depth and better starters from top to bottom. We're much more talented."

"The talent is there. I would rather take a guy that is talented than a guy who is experienced. I think we're very talented in that group. We've just got to get it out of them."

"We're going to be much better defensively. It's going to be the strength of this team. We've got guys with talent who have experience. We have young guys to back them up with a lot of talent"

"We have nine returning starters and everybody has played. They've played hundreds of snaps and they know what it feels like and they know the defense"

"We didn't just trash everything. We stuck with our philosophy. We know what we need to do. I'm excited."

Quoting Bo Pelini: I'm going to open up here for questions in a second. But I did want to say I understand I very much respect the job that all of you have to do, but I will not be taking any questions in regards to any Big Ten issues.

I've had a lot of three-year stints, and I always felt like the third year, you know, in a system and third year together, you really have a chance to make a big jump.

the way we run our program is we talk to our guys about focusing on the process and what they have to do on a day to day basis to have an opportunity to compete. That hasn't changed. You know, we really haven't talked much about it (moving to BigTen).

(Is this your best offensive line?) Absolutely. Not even close. We have the experience coming back, and we have some young guys who -- you know, I did it at a number of positions. The offensive line position last year where I took a group and redshirted the whole group of them, which wasn't the ideal situation for that year, but it makes you stronger in the future. I think that's the case at the offensive line position.

(on the Red Out video that hit YouTube) To be honest, somebody asked me about the Red Out video, and I was on vacation. I didn't know anything about it. It was actually a mistake. It was really intended to -- each year our marketing department picks one football game where they kind of take the alumni throughout the country and try to make it designated alumni game. They picked the Texas game, and they really made the mistake of putting Beat Texas down on it. To be honest with you, I wasn't real happy about it. I mean, I like the idea. I like what they do, and I really appreciate the fact that our -- that we reach out to our alumni, and we try to make a special game for our alumni because, obviously, Texas will be a nationally televised game, and it's across the nation it's a game that's probably going to be looked at pretty closely. So they chose that football game. You know, I didn't think the message it sent to our football team especially because, you know, that's way down the road. We have a lot of things to do before we even consider Texas or worry about what that football game. We've got a lot of work to do in the meantime.

Quoting Dan Mullen: "Take Chris (Wilson), and you have him putting in all the soundness of Oklahoma's defense. Mix with Manny, who is a very outside-the-box thinker. If you watched Middle Tennessee, they come from every different direction."

Quoting Mississippi State co-defensive coordinator / defensive line coach Chris Wilson: "We (Manny Diaz) work so much together. The great thing is we're friends, and we're married to the same concepts defensively. That makes things really fun."

Quoting Ralph Friedgen: "If I do well the next two years, I think I'll be at Maryland. If I don't, I won't."

"We're back to where we were when I got here. When I got to Maryland, I had 32 years as an assistant coach. I was 52 years old, and I was coming to a place that had won one bowl game in 18 years. We did some pretty good things, but we couldn't sustain it."

Quoting Dabo Swinney: "I think we all can agree that Tajh Boyd is very talented and going to be an outstanding player, but now you've got a guy that's been in a championship game, led you to an Atlantic title, has thrown 20 touchdown passes, played in a (College) World Series, that is an intangible you can't discount. Put that with a veteran offensive line and a couple backs with some experience and toughness, and absolutely you can be a little more optimistic on that side of the ball early in the season."

"I think it's a great role for Tajh, and as he steps back and matures, he'll realize, wow, how important it was for his growth. He's going to play, it's not like he's not going to get an opportunity to play. But now we can prepare him to be the starter every single week without necessarily having to be the starter. I think that's a great opportunity for a young, talented quarterback like Tajh. Because otherwise we were just going to stick the fire hose in his mouth and just turn it on and hold on. "

"I'd be surprised if he doesn't sign a baseball contract. Hopefully we'll win the ACC championship, he'll lead us to the Orange Bowl, and take his Tim Tebow underwear off, come up with his own Kyle Parker brand, and go play baseball for the Rockies, with Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos as his roommate."

Quoting Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani: "Last year, it was all new. No matter what you say about being an experienced coach, being a head coach is all new. It was the first time. So I've got that under my belt and just like anything else, I've got to move forward. You can't teach experience, so I've got one year under my belt."

"We understand a little bit more what our problems are. Before, we kind of surmised what the problems were going into last year, what they were going to be. We had to work our way through. Now we've got a little better of a handle on it. But once again, expect the unexpected."

Quoting East Carolina head coach Ruffin McNeill: "We lost 28 football players from that team," he said. "And we lost a junior (Linval Joseph) who is now with the Giants. That's 28 pretty good football players that aren't on this team now. But I'm excited about the winning mentality that was brought in. They have won."

"As a coach you try to instill that mentality (winning) into your football team. You want them to expect to win. This team expects to win by past success."

"I like the skill set we have. I like the skill guys we have. There are always going to be some adjustments and we'll have some of those as well."

Quoting Utah State head coach Gary Anderson: "We've got to have a winning football team. If we have a winning football program we'll have a packed stadium."

"Our goal is simple. It's to get better."

Quoting Memphis cornerbacks coach Shannon Morrison: "I went outside and started sweeping the snow for my wife and by the time I finished, there was more snow back on the ground than when I started," Morrison said. "My wife said, ‘If we are here (Bowling Green) next year, I'm buying a snowblower.'"

"Up there, the weather was so cold, but now it's just so hot that you can't really do anything. It's taking some getting used to."