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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Wednesday July 28, 2010

Quoting Bronco Mendenhall: "I think as you've seen turnover at the other institutions in the coaching staffs, you also see a commitment or lack thereof to resources. It takes both, leadership and resources to have the type of program we'd all like to have over time. I've was side-by-side with Rocky Long at New Mexico fighting for that consistency with those resources. I've seen how difficult that is. Sometimes it's easy to point only to the coach, but I think the institutions and the commitment they make to the sport, the resources, is also a really compelling argument."

"I think the next generation is critical, not only just football players, but they are the next generation of young men choosing BYU because it's BYU and what it represents. If that's ever diluted then we won't be able to sustain the type of performance that we are having. I'm talking about retention. You are talking about a program that loses about 40% of its players every year through either graduation or missionary service."

"We have four quality quarterbacks, and I'm not sure who will play yet."

Quoting Tommy Tuberville: "In television they taught us to speak our mind," Tuberville said, smiling. "I forgot to get that out of our mind a few weeks ago."

"For some reason, everything was focused on offense. I'm a team player. I wanted the players to know pretty quick this is going to be about team. It's not going to be about special teams or defense or offense. It's going to be about team. Everybody is going to play their part, play their role, and get the job done. If we do that, then we've got a much better chance of winning a championship than we do if we separate the team."

"You have to get your philosophy over. If you don't sell that to your team and your fans, then you're going to have problems. You've got to let them know up front how you're going to handle things. Everybody's philosophy is a little bit different."

The one thing I noticed about our defense is they didn't have a lot of confidence. You know, wasn't a lot of talk about them. If it was, it was about not playing very well, no credit to their side. I think they played pretty well last year. A lot of games they played well."

Quoting Houston Nutt:Fortunately I haven't had to do that very often. Rarely are there are any talented players still available in the summertime. The process can be very difficult, because there's no relationship there. You have to go off the word of a coach. Plus the player has to trust you, because he hasn't met you or spent any time with you. The relationship factor makes it very difficult. However, there are unique situations that force you to go that route; if a signee did not make a test score, a player was unable to compete because of injury or sickness, or in this case, a player decides to transfer.

The pros are that they can directly help your football team, because they fill a need you have. However, we've signed the maximum number of players we could sign. It's unlikely we would use a scholarship on a player with just one year of eligibility. But if the player were willing to join the team as a non-scholarship player, we would bring them in on an official visit, get to know the young man and put him in front of our team.

Obviously, there is a lot of paperwork to process in a short time. First and foremost, he has to get accepted to the university, whether that means an undergraduate or graduate program. Then there is the adjustment to a new team, teammates and terminology. It's a different place, a different conference, a different environment. But it can also be a good situation.

Quoting Mike Gundy: "The system is different than what we've had in the past, but I was pleasantly surprised that the organization was intact in the third or fourth practice of spring," Gundy said Tuesday. "I had prepared myself for it to be a little chaotic.

Quoting Bill Stewart: "To be brutally honest, I took the special teams over, what, nine, 10 years ago and it was an absolute mess. People think it's rough now? You have to think back to 2001. Oh, my God."

"We got it better, but we've slid a little bit and I'll tell you why," Stewart said. "It's this attitude of some defensive guys, some offensive guys, who've got to get out of this, 'Let the other guy do special teams.' That's bull crap."

"I'm going to make a strong impression. If we want to win double digits, we've got to play all three phases. Right now, we've been good at phase one and phase two, offense and defense, defense and offense, whatever way you want to say it, but phase three? Special teams? We were the best there for a while and now we haven't been for a while."

"I'm going to tell the staff and I'm going to tell the players that's the way we have to be if we want to win the Big East. I've got to have Mardy Gilyard out of Noel Devine. I've got to have Reggie Bush out of Noel Devine. He's got to be out there."

Quoting Mark Richt: "Every decision that I've tried to make at Georgia has been one that I was making for the long haul. Sometimes you can try to fix things quickly or take a shortcut to try to make it a decision that might help you for the moment. But you know down the road you may pay a price for it. I've always tried to make decisions that I think would serve the program well in the long run."

Quoting Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun: "I think this year, from top to bottom, will be the strongest this league has been. I think there's something about whenever you've got a guy that's been underneath center and he's coming back."

Quoting Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham: "Our best seasons at Utah have come with an established starter in place. I think if you look at the past several years, I think that's with most teams. It's no guarantee that you're going to have a great year if you have an established starter, but it's a great starting point. The quarterback position is so critical that if you're unsettled there, it seems like the rest of the team can kind of have that unsettled feeling. But if you're solidified at that position, a lot of things seem to fall into place."

Quoting New Mexico head coach Mike Locksley: "We've played a true freshman in this system the last two stops I've been. We played Chris Leak as a true freshman at Florida in this system. And then when we went to Illinois, we played Juice Williams as a freshman in this system. So it's very friendly for young quarterbacks."

Quoting San Diego State head coach Brady Hoke: "When you look at our players and how they understand the expectations of how we're going to go to class and how we're going to represent ourselves in the community and how we're going to play and how we're going to lift and how we're going to run, I think all of that part of it is really - I don't want to use the word easier - but it's more familiar to them."