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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Friday July 30, 2010

Quoting Lane Kiffin: It is a new time at USC. We are moving forward. We have a new president, AD, new coaching staff.

Our front-line guys have stayed. We have 71 scholarship players.

(Haden, Pola, president) All leaving very good jobs, speaks volumes of SC.

This guy just finished his freshman year in college. Handles himself with great class, great composure. One of the reason's you'll see him have a great year. He's changed his body fat, diet.

We think our dline is really unique and special. I think we have 7 legitimate, big time players there.

Depth in general will be an issue. We have to be extremely intelligent, how we handle our practicing. 7 of 10 coaches have NFL experience. At SC, we don't have a great walk-on program. We're gonna have to tone down our practices a little, which is the hardest thing for me.

(What is one myth out there that you wish people could understand about you?) Wow. Where's my SID. Didn't prepare me for that one. What would be one myth? I don't know that one. There's a lot of them out there.

We created free-agency in college football. There is no salary cap. Our players can leave. We had to deal with that. You saw a number of guys leave, because of playing time.

Every single player that left talked to me, not about missing a bowl game, but about reps and getting more playing time.

None of our front-line guys left.

During the run...the 34 straight wins, 3 Heismans in 4 years, we were very deep. The bottom of our recruiting classes have to be really strong so we can overcome injuries or transfers or guys leaving early for the draft.

He's extremely valuable to bring back. To have Ed and Kennedy, who were really signing all the local players, is really powerful. Outside of the recruiting, the coaching aspect he's always done a great job. Great discipline with the running backs. Being with three NFL organizations, he'll also have some new ideas.

This is the job I signed up for. It's (USC) the most historical football program in America and we get to live right here, too.

Quoting Jim Harbaugh: If spring practice is any indication, we'll be much better on the defensive side.

We try to put our best players on the defensive side.

Owen (Marecic) will start at fullback and middle linebacker. He is the perfect football player. In 30 years, I've never seen a guy who does everything right, the first time, every time. The idea is to get him on the football field as much as we can. He's embraced the idea. That decision is bold. It doesn't come without a lot of risk. If anybody can do it, he can.

We feel like we have a great quarterback. You can win a championship with a great quarterback, defense, and kicker that can make fields.

We have to replace our running back. We'll throw the balls out there on August 9th. We'll let them compete. We expect them to run hard. It may not just be one. It might be 2, might be 3. Whatever we have to do to fill Toby's production.

Truly believe he (Owen Marecic) is the best fullback in the country. I believe our quarterback is too, the best in the country, and an even better young man.

I enjoyed going back to NY and Bristol, but this is the main event.

(on quarterback Andrew Luck) He's so good. I know a lot of it has to do with mom, dad, God, and that he works so hard at it. He comes with no red flags, there is no weakness to his game. Great arm strength, physical, can throw it 70 yards taking one step. He's a brilliant kid, not just book smarts, but football too. We're glad he's on our team.

Our goal is to get to the Rose Bowl and win it.

We're not sustaining a gosh darn thing. We despise the word "sustaining." We are moving forward.

Quoting Randy Edsall: We want to create more balance.

We have 4 of 5 starters back on the offensive line. We have the ability to be more balanced since Dan Orlovsky was our quarterback.

That's probably the toughest part. If you do a good job, people might want to covet you for a different position. I can't control that. I tell my players not to be distracted, so I can't be distracted. I can't control it anyway.

My philosophy is run, play action, defense, and special teams.

You could see them (offense) grow last year and then again in the spring.

In going forward, I see a much more mature team. A team that cherishes the moments they have everyday.

(on negative recruiting) It's great to see some people are worried about us. It talks about the level of our program.

We need to get West Virginia this. It's the only team we haven't beaten in our six years in the conference.

Quoting Gary Patterson: "Not many people are perfect and not many people repeat being perfect. But we're going to try to be."

"We've got 54 lettermen coming back with a bunch of starters coming back on offense and defense, but chemistry and all the other things and how you stay healthy go into it. People expect you to be 12-0. To live up to that you have to have something go right for you and it will be tougher to do this year. The teams are better than they were a year ago that we'll play in the conference and we play an unbelievable non-conference schedule.

Quoting Bobby Petrino: "We are doing it a little bit different this year. The first four days we will practice separate. We will practice with a young group and then the vets. The idea is to give the newcomers more reps. So we will install for 4 practices then start all over again."

(on "The Shot" i.e. The Pistol) "Him (Mallett) missing the 15 practices in spring ball, he'll have to concentrate on the footwork. I don't think it will take him a long time to pick it up."

Quoting Tommy Tuberville: (on 2004 national championship) "Why in the world would you not give it to anybody, whether it's Oklahoma or (Auburn) or Utah? Everybody played that year."

"Why would you not give it to somebody? We had a heck of a football team that year. There is no reason to keep a group of players (from saying), ‘Hey, I was a national champion.' I'm not saying it was us, but somebody."

Quoting Washington State head coach Paul Wulff: "I feel like we have the best team that we have ever had since I've been here. We have played in this building on New Year's Day at the Rose Bowl twice in the last 12 years. Other than Oregon and USC, no other team has done that. We feel we are headed on the same path as those teams that made the Rose Bowl. We are going to take a big step."