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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Saturday July 31, 2010

Quoting Cal head coach Jeff Tedford: "We do have to create some depth behind Shane Vereen. We've always been fortunate enough to have two backs, whether it be Jahvid and Shane or Marshawn (Lynch) and Justin (Forsett) or J.J. Arrington and Marshawn. Whatever it's been, we've always been fortunate enough to have one-two in the backfield. This year, our goal going into camp is going to be to create that depth-whether it's a second back or a third back-that can come in and spell Shane."

"This year, we definitely have to bring that (sack number) down. That's the most we've been sacked in a long, long time, so we definitely have to address that and try to do things schematically- moving the pocket, variations of protections-and so on and so forth, just getting the ball out of our hands without making poor decisions. Those negative plays can hurt you."

"Some of our young receivers are going to have to step up. I feel good that our offensive line has enough experience that they're going to be able to create some holes and some running lanes for our backs, and I think they're going to be able to pass protect. We need to put Kevin in a better situation with some of the play-calling as far as getting the ball out of his hands and not holding the ball for so long. But, some of our young receivers are going to have to step up, as well. That's going to be the key to it, but I don't think we can ever go into it and be successful if we're one-dimensional."

Quoting UNC head coach Butch Davis: "Focus in practice. We talked about that an awful lot. A lot of those things are potentially byproducts of what goes on in practice carries over into ball games. One of the things that we've got to do as a coaching staff, we've been so caught up in trying to get the right guys on the field. Trying to grow the program, we haven't done as much situational football as we need. We need to coach more situational football. More two minute drills, more backed up offensive and defensive situations, more two-minute situations, more red zone things and more third down things. I think our kids will benefit from that. We haven't really had the luxury of being able to spend that much time on a lot of those things because we're trying to get guys to figure out who to block in the offensive line."

Quoting UCF head coach George O'Leary: "This is the first year that I have so many seniors back that are actually playing lettermen. ... They know what's going on. I think it's the chemistry of that group that's important. I think they all understand what it takes to win. Now basically it's on their shoulders. I always say, you're only as good as your senior class. And they don't all have to be great players, but you have to know what's right and not be afraid to speak up."

I'm planning on playing multiple quarterbacks. I don't plan on it being just a one-quarterback team throughout the whole year. I think the key is going to be Rob [Calabrese] and just how much he has progressed as far as his poise and getting things done because athletically he can do it. Now it's a matter of getting it done game situation. He's just walking and talking with a lot more confidence about himself, which I think was lacking a little bit because of the poor exposure he got as a freshman."

Quoting Bobby Bowden: "I don't stake my life around (winning or records). Football is not my God. I'm traveling extensively. It's important to make yourself available."

"I'm excited. I was very lucky to coach, (but) I get to watch (football) this time and with no pressure. I'm going to have a fun time watching it."

"I know this: If he (Brian Kelly) does his best, which he's gonna do, I think he'll do good. Notre Dame is a tough job. To me, it's the most pressured job in the country. I think it's the greatest job in the country, but also the most pressured."

"Notre Dame needs to be on top. I came up during the '40s when Frank Leahy was winning all those games at Notre Dame. And they were the power of the nation, year after year after year after year. And lately they've kind of struggled. It's more sophisticated nowadays, more complicated nowadays. But it means a lot to our nation when Notre Dame is in the top, because it just seems like it's where they oughta be. (It's) a lot harder to do than you think (though)."

Quoting Ohio head coach Frank Solich: "That was progress for us, but it's time to win the championship game and win the bowl game. We want to be a program that does it year after year. This team has a chance to take this program to another level."

Quoting Bowling Green head coach Dave Clawson: "There is a carryover, and we can put that into play. We're hoping that can be a part of our DNA. That's how your program develops. That's how you build strength. You have to do it again and again."

"You hope they understand how difficult it is to win football games. A lot of times young players don't understand how much work and preparation it takes to win. A lot of them think they can just go out there and play. We need some senior leadership like last year."

Quoting Miami (OH) head coach Mike Haywood: "There are a lot of jobs open, and there will be a lot of competition. We've talked about the players being relentless, dangerous and competitive every down."