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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Sunday August 1, 2010

Quoting Mississippi State DC Manny Diaz (on recent wreck with a deer): "We were all covered with glass and hair from the deer. I slammed on the brakes and fortunately the deer slid out and off the hood. It was dead.

"It came out of nowhere. It was liked being mugged. Fortunately my wife and I had sunglasses on and they prevented any glass from getting in our eyes. One rear-view mirror ended up all the way in the back of the SUV. We were so fortunate. Now people here are telling us that was our indoctrination to the state."

Quoting Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun: "I think we're facing the strongest football schedule a service academy has played in decades. We'll see as we get into our August practice, but I have a hunch this will be one of those teams that will look at that challenge right in the eye."

"Our secondary has good anticipation and ball skills. They're a group of players who can play different positions. They're fair against the stopwatch and good when it comes to pushing the weights. They play bigger and faster than they are. I'm really looking forward to the next group coming up behind them."

(on losing DC Tim DeRuyter) The coaches who brought the attitude and put the system in place still are here.