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2010 Coaches Quick Hits

Thursday July 5, 2010

Quoting Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald: "My plan is pretty simple. (Youngest son) Brendan is 18 months. If I get a chance to coach his senior year in college, I'm out. I'm out."

"So much has changed from a standpoint of expectations, and Joe has rolled with the punches. I don't know how he does it. It's amazing. Joe Paterno is college football, and I could not imagine it without him. His impact on college football will be talked about forever."

"What Joe told me when I first got the job was: 'Nobody knows all the mistakes I made when I first started coaching because nobody covered it. It was covered by two or three people and we were really close friends. Now you say something wrong at a golf outing, and everyone knows about it.'"

Quoting Mike London: "I can't even begin to tell you how many races I've started, how many different things, I mean, chicken dinners and just all that stuff. But I think it's necessary that, given the fact that when you say: 'Listen, we want to be open. We want to be accessible. We want to be available.' Well, if you're going to start down that road, then you better make yourself open and available and accessible and include the fan base."

Quoting Mike Gundy: "Most bad things happen after midnight. (However), I am not a firm believer in saying to the ... guys on our team, 'You can't live the normal life of a college student.' Maybe that's wrong, but right now, I just don't feel like you can do that. How can I punish the other 119 guys (as a result of) one guy making a terrible decision?"

Quoting Gary Patterson: "I could stand up here and tell you we'd like to be 12-0, but I would tell you that's what I would have said the last nine years," Patterson said. "Those goals have not changed. For us, it's going to be business as usual."

"Last year was a lot of fun because that team was hungry," he said. "That group really wanted to grow up. The key will be: does this one?"

"We've got to be the best TCU team we can be," Patterson said. "I'm not talking to my team about [the Oregon State] game. We need to beat TCU. That's all a coach can do. As a coach I have a good feeling about what our potential could be and no, I'm not going to answer that. I'm going to find out if we can live up to it."

Quoting Randy Shannon: "A lot of people say they're hoping it's going to be a good season. We can't think of good. If you accept being good, you're never going to take that next step of being great. We feel like we're going to have a great season.''

"Somebody always questions the University of Miami. They say, `Coach, how are you guys going to be able to make it to win the championship because your out-of-conference schedule is so tough.' I'm thinking, `I don't understand. We've always been a school that doesn't back down from anyone.'"

"With the coaching staff and players and chemistry we have on our staff, we feel like we can compete against anybody in America, because what we've done the past three years is build. Let's take that next step.''

Quoting Buffalo head coach Jeff Quinn: "We're going to toughen up and play this game the right way. I don't drive in the right lane at 55. I like to press the pedal."

"That's just my style. I'm a very passionate man, very intense, and I demand. And that's how you win. You have to go out there and you have to push these young men to competitive greatness."

Quoting Art Briles: "You know, right now, I am going to start back out running the offense with the help of everybody else involved. I am going to do it from the standpoint that we are at the tempo level that I think we need to be at. Strictly from that standpoint only. Philip [Montgomery] did a great job in the Spring. Those guys did an outstanding job, but I want to make sure that we are being as fast a football team as we can offensively. As Fall camp builds on, we will see where it leads from there. But right now, I will be calling the shots."