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CyberSports, Inc., a leader for the past 15 years in the collegiate recruiting database market, has released a brand new online database called CyberXtreme. CyberXtreme combines the functionality and customization of their previous online database, CyberWeb, with the latest database technology, and the result is a fast, responsive database that meets your exact needs. It allows you, the coach, to manage every facet of your recruiting activities easily and quickly.

When you’re on the road recruiting, you’re not always going to have access to a computer. CyberXtreme includes a version designed for use from your web-enabled cell phone, called CyberMobile. With CyberMobile, you can look up any information from your database, make updates, log compliance-related activity; even click on a phone number and your cell phone will dial that number. CyberXtreme and CyberMobile are linked, so any changes you make in one appear in the other, all in real-time.

CyberXtreme allows you to track all compliance activities for prospects and current players as well as providing you with the capability to print out customized reports for your compliance department. It is also compatible with other programs such as Compliance Assistant and Comply and Verify.

You will be able to attach files, such as a head shots, transcripts, or test scores, to a prospect or player with ease. There are news feeds, customized reminders, academic qualifiers, multiple databases available, and much more! You also have the ability print out any customized report (e.g. flight schedule, top prospect report, complete recruit report, etc…) that you may need.

Another key component is the ability to send mass, full-color, trackable e-mails through the CyberSports email system. This high end e-mail system provides you with a great mode of communication that is extremely user friendly as well as eye catching. CyberSports will design an unlimited quantity of email templates for you, at no additional charge. In addition to the e-mail system, CyberSports also provides a trackable mass text-messaging system. With just a couple of clicks of the mouse, you can generate a mass text possibly notifying your players of a new meeting place or time and have the ability to track this message in the database.

Have you ever considered using a website specifically for your program? CyberSports will work with you to develop a professional, flash-based website that will generate interest in your program from recruits, students, alumni, and fans. Recruits will be able to read about your staff, program, players and school, watch streaming video of any sort, and even contact your staff through the site. Your site also can be used as a marketing tool aimed at your alumni, boosters and fans to rally financial support by employing some unique ideas in fund raising and advertising.

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