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Deserving Credit

Tuesday August 26, 2008 (Offensive Coordinators)

"Deserving Credit" is a series highlighting some terrific and/or lesser known coaches throughout the country that based on their hard work are worthy of national recognition.

Ken Collums (Abilene Christian): The Wildcats averaged 544 yards per game last season. The only thing that is more impressive is the 49 points per game the Wildcats scored (#1 in the nation). Let's be honest, there are certain offenses in the country that couldn't score 49 points if the defense played with 10 players. Heck, there are certain teams that can't score 49 in a month. Prior to coaching at Abilene Christian, Collums coached at his alma mater, Central Arkansas. During his tenure in UCA, Collums directed a statistically phenomenal offense. Keep an eye on Collums this season. It could be his last at the D2 level.

Stan Parrish (Ball State): Veteran coach Stan Parrish has been around the block. Serving as the offensive coordinator since 2006, Parrish has really developed the offense at Ball State University. Just one season ago, Ball State improved to 31st in the country in total offense while finishing 22nd in passing offense. Remember, Ball State isn't exactly the easiest place to recruit talented skill position players. That's why it is so impressive that Ball State scored 30 or more points in 8 games last season. In our opinion, Stan Parrish is "deserving credit."