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Q&A with Air Force assistant Charlton Warren

Monday June 14, 2010 Staff

Charlton Warren is set to enter his sixth overall season at the Air Force Academy. In 2010, Warren will serve as the assistant head coach, co-defensive coordinator, secondary coach, and recruiting coordinator. Warren's defensive backs helped Air Force finish 10th nationally in scoring defense and 11th nationally in total defense during the 2009 season. Warren is a former Air Force player and graduated from the academy in 1999.

What is something you will harp on with your defensive backs during August practice that maybe you haven't emphasized as much in previous years?

We have a very experienced group coming back in the secondary. We probably aren't going to change much of what we do, but I certainly want to tighten up our fundamentals and techniques. I want to be all over our guys about eye discipline. Eye discipline on every snap, every series.

In the off-season you lost DC Tim DeRuyter to Texas A&M. As the co-defensive coordinator / defensive backs coach, what is something unique about working with DC Matt Wallerstedt?

‘DeRuyt' was back there with us in the secondary. He probably looked at things more from a coverage based standpoint. ‘Wally' looks at things more from a run-fit standpoint.

Air Force assistant Charlton Warren

What is something you really like that your head coach Troy Calhoun implements on the practice field?

Nobody walks around, period. Our pace, our tempo, we are going. As a coach, you better have your ducks in line. You better have a plan for all 90 minutes. Coaches, players, managers...we are all moving around at a fast pace. Coach Calhoun doesn't want to waste a minute on the field.

In season, which day of the week besides Saturday do you look forward to the most?

Tuesdays are a lot of fun. The previous game is totally behinds us. We set our upcoming defensive game plan and we're on the field in full pads. As a coach, you want to get your plan and go...go implement and teach. On the field, our players are going to mix it up on Tuesdays.

You are originally from Atlanta, quite different from Colorado Springs, but you graduated from Air Force and now are in your 6th year in Colorado Springs. Outside of work, what is the 1 thing you really enjoy about living in Colorado Springs?

No humidity, no mosquitoes out here in Colorado Springs. Growing up in Atlanta, it was quite the opposite.

Your wife, Jocelyn, what do you think she enjoys the most about living in Colorado Springs?

Everything is outdoors with the kids. The people in our neighborhood are very friendly. People are always outside jogging and the entire community is just really nice people.

During your vacation break this summer, what do you plan to do? Any trips planned?

Right now the plan is the head to the Virgin Islands with the family. We are certainly looking forward to St. Thomas.

Lastly, you graduated from Air Force, you have now had 5 outstanding years coaching at Air Force, when the word spread in the off-season that Tennessee may lure Coach Calhoun, did you ever think about the money in the SEC and living in Knoxville...leaving a place that has meant so much to you?

I'd be lying if I said ‘I didn't think about Knoxville.' We all heard it. I didn't lose any sleep though. Air Force is so special to me. When you are around young men and all the people at the Air Force Academy, you know it's a special place.

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