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Q&A with UCLA assistant coach Wayne Moses

Tuesday May 18,2010 Staff

Veteran running backs coach Wayne Moses has over 30 years of college coaching experience. In 2010, Moses enters his third season on Rick Neuheisel’s coaching staff at UCLA. Before returning for his second coaching stint at UCLA, Moses served as the St. Louis Rams’ running backs coach in 2006 and 2007. Prior to joining the Rams, Moses had a 28-year college career, coaching running backs at five Pacific 10 schools since 1990, with tours at UCLA (1990-95), California (1996), Washington (1997-2000), USC (2001), and Stanford (2002-03 and 2005). Moses spent 2004 at the University of Pittsburgh. Moses has also coached at Bowling Green, Rutgers, and San Diego State.

Outside of work, what is the 1 thing you really enjoy about living in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is home for me, so it is really special to be able to coach and work in the city I grew up in. I have so many friends in L.A. I enjoy the weather. In the end, this is home.

What is unique about working with your coordinator Norm Chow?

This is our 4th season working together, so I know what to expect from Norm. We have great communication. Often times on the practice fields, we are thinking the same thing. A lot of people don’t know this about Coach Chow, but he has his PHD , so I call him, “Doctor.”

UCLA running backs coach Wayne Moses

What is something you will harp on during August practice with your running backs?

I really would like to see our backs come out in August and not miss a beat. We want to be sharp in all phases with our techniques, fundamentals, and communication. I want to see how sharp these guys can be early on coming out of their summer workouts. I’m going to stress fundamentals and technique early in camp, and all the way through August practice.

What is something you really like that your head coach implements at practice?

Coach Neuheisel’s enthusiasm is second to none. His competiveness…the energy and frame of mind he brings to the practice field is consistent, unique, and fun to be around. I think our players feed off his energy.

You have coached nearly everywhere in the world (UCLA, Cal, Washington, USC, Stanford, Bowling Green, Rutgers, Pitt, San Diego State, New Mexico). If you had to choose 1 year when you had the most fun, which year would it be?

Really, I just enjoy being aroung the student-athletes. It would be hard to choose one particular year. Every year is a good year because of the student-athletes. To this day, I don't view my role as "work." Being around the young guys keeps me young. I've been around a ton of players that I have learned from in many ways. The relationships are what it's all about.

How long is your drive to work from your house?

I’m 47-52 minutes from my house to the office. A lot of people think that is a long, long way. To me, I don’t mind the drive.

In season, which day of the week besides Saturday do you look forward to the most?

Thursday. Our gameplan is set and I like to know what we are going to do, but for me, Thursday is about Coach Neuheisel taking the team after practice. Coach will address the team and really set a tone, set a mindset for Saturday. I love being in that team meeting.

During your vacation break this summer, what do you plan to do? Any trips planned?

We played in the Eagle Bank Bowl last year in Washington D.C. I really enjoyed the trip, but couldn’t make it to all the landmarks and places I wanted to attend. I think we’re going to make a vacation trip to D.C. to tour some places we didn’t get a chance to see in December.

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