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Q&A with Vanderbilt assistant Des Kitchings

April 29, 2010 Staff

Des Kitchings is entering his 3rd year on Bobby Johnson’s staff as Vanderbilt. Kitchings serves as the running backs coach / run game coordinator. He is a former All-American running back at Furman University.

What is something you will harp on during August practice that maybe you haven’t emphasized as much in previous years?

We played 2 freshman backs last year. I want to continue to bring along their fundamentals in everything they do. It’s going to be important to harp on details and fundamentals to continue their development.

What is something you really like that your head coach implements at practice?

Coach Johnson’s competitive energy is contagious. Maybe even better is the extended time we have for individual time with our players…working fundamentals and techniques. It seems to me, after talking with a lot of running back coaches from around the country, we certainly have a good amount of time for individual periods.

Vandy assistant Des Kitchings

What do you want to accomplish in Spring Recruiting? How important is it to be efficient with your time?

I want to make a push to have constant contact with the high school coaches. At Vandy, we can eliminate certain high schools that we travel to based on our academic requirements. What’s important is to go find our needs. It’s important to be efficient. That is why we all know our needs in recruiting as a staff.

In season, which day of the week besides Saturday do you look forward to the most?

Friday. There is no set time to arrive in the office. Coach Johnson allows us to spend time with the family or to run errands. I typically bring the kids to day care or school. I like to eat breakfast with my wife on Friday mornings. When all the coaches get to office, it’s probably the most relaxed day of the week.

What is unique about working with your offensive coordinator, Jimmy Kiser?

Working with Coach Kiser is unique because he recruiting me when he was at NC State. Jimmy doesn’t get to high or too low. We have an excellent office atmosphere.

How long is your drive to work from your house? What are you usually listening to?

20 minutes. It’s about 13 miles from my house to the office. I typically listen to The Steve Harvey Show, sometimes local sports radio.

Outside of work, what is the 1 thing you really enjoy about living in Nashville?

Although I’m not the best golfer, Nashville has several fun courses to play. I like to take my son out on the course with me. Those are fun times.

Best thing your wife likes about living in Nashville?

She likes the attractions from the zoo, downtown Nashville, music, and food.

During your vacation break this summer, what do you plan to do? Any trips planned?

This summer will be a little different because my wife is expecting our 3rd child. I would like to get home to Wagner, South Carolina to spend some time with family. With the wife expecting, things are kind of up in the air.

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