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SpeedTracs provides a coach controlled, structured, pro-level team speed and agility training program, training progressions and performance tracking software. SpeedTracs team training includes 144 world-class professional sports curriculums, the patented SpeedStation equipment and an automated training management software program for Coaches and interactive profiles for athletes. To watch our demonstration, please click the image below:

The Performance Tracking Software builds and manages the roster by team and provides a calendar for easy scheduling, testing and tracking. It automatically creates a practice plan to print out and take to the field, gym or training center. There are preloaded training progressions for each team to assist in the organization. It also alleviates the administrative hassle in order to create a more structured environment during each session. With over 200 professional training videos to demonstrate the drills, the trainer always stays in control of the sessions. The Speed Coach Software creates simplicity and ease to keep the coach where they belong, in front of the athletes.

The SpeedTracs program is different from the typical speed and agility training that uses traditional techniques. Each structured curriculum works athletes through a progression of drills from pre-conditioning to four (4) levels of training that improve performance and reduce risks of injury.

In addition to training, SpeedTracs understands that injury prevention is as vitally as important as training, thus keeping athletes healthy. SpeedTracs uses progressions which teach the body how to move properly before the body goes through the movements at full speeds. The progressions are built so the body is strong enough to handle the increased demands on the muscles and ligaments that a bigger, faster, and stronger athlete creates.

The SpeedTracs plan creates a turnkey fitness program that allows for a low maintenance; fun, easy to use system to help promote highly competitive athletics. The plan introduces unique and innovative training that maximizes fitness and improves overall speed, resulting in confidence building in a competitive setting.

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The SpeedTracs program provides athletes with the opportunity to train with a proven pro-caliber speed development program, formerly only available to elite athletes at expensive training facilities. The program brings total sports performance centers onto high school and college campuses so teams can train together while coaches maintain control and athletes reach their full potential.

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“We have seen a marked improvement in speed and agility as well as injury prevention. As opposed to weight training, the kids actually enjoy the training so they are more apt to participate and work hard. They also like to see their progress measured…..increased vertical jump, faster 40 times, etc. It is something that EVERY ONE OF OUR PROGRAMS utilizes which we can’t say about weight training. It is especially useful for our women’s programs because the girls really enjoy themselves during the training and can see measurable improvement.

In our opinion, speed and agility training is at least as important as weight training and the SpeedTracs program keeps it simple and enjoyable. We would highly recommend this system to any school who wants to provide their student athletes with the best opportunities to improve their athletic skills.”

Dave Nabors

Athletic Booster Club President

Centennial High School
Atlanta, GA

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