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The 2014 FootballScoop FBS Video of the Year award winner is....


Following a fierce competition, Colorado has been named the winner of the 2014 FootballScoop Video of the Year award for its sensational "Seasons" video. Among the six finalists, Colorado received two-first place votes and one second-place vote from our four-member panel.

"Colorado is the winner and, despite the incredible efforts from the other schools, it ain’t even close," wrote Bleacher Report lead college football writer Adam Kramer (@KegsnEggs). "Every other team gets a silver medal, but the distance to this runner-up award is significant. I don’t even feel right naming a second place when first place is light years ahead."

The Colorado video staff worked for more than 10 months on "Seasons", pouring in more than 300 man hours, 14 Terabytes of raw footage and over 10,000 pictures to produce the 11 minute, 26 second film. For their efforts, Colorado has been awarded a Heartland Emmy award and a Telly award for cinematography. 

And now the Buffaloes have secured undoubtedly the most prestigious honor of them all. 

"I loved the Boulder video last year, but it was pretty much a feature film about the city. This time, though, there's football highlights to show, and it's all shot and presented beautifully," wrote SB Nation managing editor Brian Floyd(@BrianMFloyd).

While he chose Colorado as his runner-up, Grantland contributor Chris Brown(@smartfootball) voted Nebraska as his winner. "It was close but I actually liked the Nebraska video the best. It was punchy and vibrant, and I loved how it integrated professional video with fan video to really make you feel like you are part of the experience."

Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated college football columnist Andy Staples (@Andy_Staples) touted Arizona's case as champion. "This one is no contest. Arizona wins in a runaway (bus) with its Speed parody. The video was topical – created when the slowdown coaches were trying to ram that 10-second rule down the sport’s throat – and hilarious. Player personnel director Matt Dudek deserves an Oscar nomination. Also, this gets bonus points for being one of the few of this type that avoid using the phrase 'blood, sweat and tears.' The staff at Arizona doesn’t take itself so seriously. That’s a good thing."

In the end, Colorado's support was unmatched among our panel. 

"Last year it was about the scenery, and it was included (somewhat) once again. But this was a football film that captured everything that comes with this great sport and the school," Kramer argued. "It’s a masterpiece, really. I’m not sure you’ll see a better team-produced video at any level this year."

Sincere congratulations to John Snelson & Jamie Guy (who produced and directed the video) as well as to countless others who contributed; including, but certainly not limited to, Grayson Simon, Connor Cassidy and Bryce Emley. The bar has been set awfully high for those aspiring to make this list for 2015.