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The Coach Tracker

What is The Coach Tracker?

The Coach Tracker is a database containing accurate and relevant information on high schools across the country. The Tracker includes standard demographics on high schools (i.e. physical address, school phone and fax, classification, etc...); however it also includes office phone, cell phone and email addresses for coaches, athletic directors and guidance counselors.

How is THE COACH TRACKER unique?

The Coach Tracker will send you a monthly update file with all changes that occured during the month. Additionally, The Coach Tracker includes the email address and cell phone number for nearly every high school head football coach in the country. Our database allows you to view the most current information because we actually track the coaching profession movement. The Coach Tracker is updated virtually every day, so that you can efficiently stay in contact with high school coaches. Further, for CyberSports customers, we will provide you with a file that syncs directly into your CyberSports database every month so that you always have current contact information.

How do I get The Coach Tracker?

To subscribe to this service please contact Scott Roussel at 225.445.8223 or

Is The Coach Tracker available only to Division 1 schools?

No. The Coach Tracker is available to every college program and it is affordable.

Why did you create The Coach Tracker?

We created The Coach Tracker at the request of dozens of college programs around the country who saw this service as a way to reduce their time spent on data capture and input as well as to reduce the amount of outdated and inaccurate contact information in their databases.

What is the website?

The Coach Tracker Press Release