Following Clemson’s 38-31 win over NC State this past Saturday, Dave Doeren used his post game press conference to ask for an investigation into why Clemson had a laptop – which is banned by the NCAA for coaching during games use – on their sideline.

As we noted yesterday, the ACC investigated and found no wrongdoing on the part of Dabo and his staff, and today Dabo got the opportunity to clap back at Doeren’s accusation…and boy did he ever.

“I knew it wasn’t anything to do with football. But did I investigate? I did followed instructions to do some investigation, and it turns out, there was just a major crisis going on,” Dabo started off by explaining.

“A young guy trying to help a team in need, and I think trying to be helpful in a situation, trying to get in touch with Amazon, we had a crisis – in dire need of towels. We were trying to get one of them drones to come in and drop some towels on the sideline, and it just didn’t work out.”

Here’s why Clemson was running out of towels.

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Can you imagine seeing that on TV? Clemson having towels delivered by Amazon drones during a game? Wow. What a world we live in.

But Dabo wants to launch an investigation of his own, he explains.

“But I want to launch an investigation, too. What do they do with those towels? Is it a towel wall thing?”

“But it’s disappointing because that was a challenge to our integrity. And then you watch the tape, and two years ago, we go up there and one of the coaches pushes Deshaun Watson. This year, we got some guy take a swipe at K’Von. What if he breaks a finger? I think the investigation needs to be watching his sideline and not worrying about ours.”

Below is a full transcript of Dabo’s response.