Last night word began circulating that Tennessee AD John Currie was in Los Angeles meeting with Mike Leach (and potentially others).

The timing of Currie being in Los Angeles while most of yesterday Knoxville was on edge, concerned that Currie was about to have a deal with NC State head coach Dave Doeren, is fascinating to say the least. Was Currie aware that Doeren wasn’t coming? Was Currie just being proactive in the event he was turned down again? Was Currie sent to see Leach (again, and potentially others) for reason other than to potentially offer him the job?

Yeah, there are a lot of questions about what John Currie is doing these days. One source familiar with the search described Currie as looking “as if he has been beaten recently.” Presumably, that source was speaking metaphorically, but the visual is hard not to imagine.

Now, back to Currie’s meeting with Leach. Although last night NBC Sports reported that an offer was made, sources tell FootballScoop this morning no offer was extended at the meeting. Taking it a step further, we are told Tennessee officials have placed additional limitations on what and how Currie can extend offers in this process. We’re told additional approvals now have to come before an offer can be extended. This situation between Currie and the ultimate powers that be at the University of Tennessee is tenuous at best. In fact, one source told us this morning this might be the end of Currie at UT.

When word of Currie’s meeting with Leach broke joy began to spread throughout Knoxville. The fanbase believed again. There was hope. Some lingering questions, sure, but hope…and hope is powerful.

ESPN’s Chris Low is reporting Currie and his bosses are meeting today in Knoxville to “reassess the search.” If they now turn to anyone other than Leach how will their fanbase react? Knoxville is burning. Leach brings fire hoses. The answer is so simple. But does anyone really expect Tennessee’s administration to make the smart decision?

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