To get the blood pumping:

Love the creativity!

The moment that Mount St. Joe (D-III – OH) players learned that interim head coach Tyler Hopperton was having the interim tag dropped

Everyone wants to impress the new coach

That’s what laying the BOOM looks like

If you had to survive off one food, this should be your answer

This Detroit vs. Everybody video has people talking

A ranking of Big Ten visitor facilities, following Harbaugh’s critical comments yesterday

So true

Kentucky double teamed the punter all night, so the punter pancaked a dude in frustration

How can Jeopardy people be so smart, and so dumb at the same time?

Absolute class move by James Franklin, sending a wedding message on game day to a die-hard PSU couple


Uh, no thanks

The quote of the day

The best from yesterday:

Jim Harbaugh rants against Purdue’s facilities. “It looks like it’s from the ’20s.”

A coach-official argument escalated to the ref pulling a knife on coach during youth game

Surveying the eight winless teams remaining in FBS

The #Twitter12Pack of things that no one expected to see this weekend

Video: Kentucky hires archaeologist to find evidence of last win vs. Florida

Monday’s One Minute Warm Up