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An update on Bobby Bowden...

Back on Monday we shared that Florida State coaching icon Bobby Bowden had recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Bowden's positive test came after a recent release from the hospital where he was battling a leg infection for nearly two weeks.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bowden was transported to Tallahassee Memorial hospital via ambulance, according to The Tallahassee Democrat.

Bowden's wife, Ann, shared that his trip back to the hospital was due to fatigue. He is scheduled to undergo a chest X-Ray and some other tests, she shared.

The hope is that coach Bowden is released from the hospital's care within the next few days.

"I feel sure he's going to be OK," Ann shared. "I am very positive. I am not an alarmist. He hasn't been getting around much at all due to his leg. It has been pretty painful. He sleeps much of the day."

Please continue to join us in prayers for a full, and speedy recovery for coach Bowden.

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