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Big Ten reveals tally of vote to postpone season

If nothing else, the lawsuit by Nebraska football players against their own conference has produced the result of the all-important vote to cancel the fall football season.

The final tally, the conference confirmed Monday, was 11 in favor to postpone the season and three against. That 78 percent vote is well above the 60 percent threshold required by Big Ten bylaws to cancel a season.

Public statements in the aftermath of the Aug. 8 decision have made it clear that Nebraska was one of the three. Iowa was reported at the time to be another, and Ohio State was reportedly the third.

The fact that a vote was taken and recorded is news in and of itself, as the existence of a formal vote somehow became a matter of confusion in the cluster that was the Big Ten's cancellation process. Penn State AD Sandy Barbour and Minnesota president Joan Gabel both went on record questioning whether or not a formal vote was ever taken.

In its filing inside the Nebraska court, Big Ten counsel called the Nebraska players' suit "a baseless complaint," which is, frankly, hilarious considering the conference -- comprised almost entirely of public schools -- still has not produced a report anywhere near as transparent as the Pac-12's.

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The Nebraska players' suit could turn up the documentation that led to Big Ten presidents' decision, including information about the prevalence of myocarditis among Big Ten athletes, but the conference still has not released such information voluntarily.

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