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Buyout figure finalized on Ryan Day's new contract

If another school or an NFL team launches a pursuit of Ryan Day, his contract won't keep him chained to Ohio State.

Ohio State has finalized Ryan Day's contract, announced back in May, with previously unreported buyout figures. 

Should Day leave Ohio State for another job before Feb. 1, 2023, he would owe $5 million. The buyout drops half a million dollars per year for each of the two following years, to $4 million by Feb. 1, 2025. After that, the buyout declines to $3 million through Feb. 1, 2026, and to $2 million through Feb. 1, 2027, and $1 million through Feb. 1, 2028. The figure finally settles at $750,000 for the final year of the contract. 

Ryan Day Coach-End Buyout
2022 season: $5 million
2023: $4.5 million
2024: $4 million
2025: $3 million
2026: $2 million
2027: $1 million
2028: $750,000

In reality, if Day meets or exceeds expectations by the latter end of the contract, he'll be working on an extended or brand-new contract by that point. And if he doesn't, Ohio State will be the one paying him a buyout.

Following an 11-2, Rose Bowl season, Day signed a 6-year extension that raised his salary from $7.6 million to $9.5 million. The previous contract placed Day's coach-end buyout at $2.5 million for the 2022 season.

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