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Carl Pelini's wife refuses to testify against him, criminal charges dropped - Catholic diocese continuing investigation

Domestic violence charges against Carl Pelini have been dropped after his wife Julie became unwilling to testify against him. 

The incident took place August 29th. Pelini turned himself in to the police on August 31st. 

The police report from the night in question stated that both of their children told police "their mom had a bleeding black and blue eye". However, Mrs. Pelini's attorney offered, "She is adamant Mr. Pelini never struck her, never intentionally hit her, that it was in the process of trying to grab him out the door that she sustained this injury."

Assistant Prosecutor Michael McBride said, "She does not want to testify, and there are no other witnesses to the domestic violence, as a result we move to dismiss it. These are two adults. I guess they are going to have to deal with their own circumstances."

Carl Pelini's attorney offered that it was Carl who was truly injured that night, "He was in fact assaulted three times, including bite marks, bruises down his arms, scratches across his face." 

Separately, the Catholic Diocese says its investigation into allegations Pelini became verbally abusive towards members of the team after a recent loss is continuing and Pelini remains on administrative leave. 

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