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Clark Lea's message to Vanderbilt on Day 1 of spring ball rings true for all rebuilding programs

Chances are pretty good that if you aspire to be a head coach one day that its going to be at a place that requires some level of rebuilding.

Yesterday, we highlighted Clark Lea's belief that Vanderbilt is an undervalued stock that just hasn't been given a chance to develop, and today we caught a glimpse of what the program's first Spring practice was like under Lea and his staff.

Lea's message to the team at the dawn of what they hope is new era of Vanderbilt football was simple, yet powerful and the Commodores creative team put together a quick one minute video to memorialize it.

"No one else assigns a value to this program. We assign that value by our level of investment and our level of sacrifice. What you willing to give for that word on your chest is what assigns it value."

"You show up. You handle your business. That's what we will do as we pursue our identity as a winning program and we will get there through the smallest details."

It may seem like Lea's message is directed at Vanderbilt, but all coaches that find themselves in a rebuild at a program, or have been through one before, know those words ring true for them as well.

Catch the clip below.