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Dan Lanning: "I'm looking to get coached just as much as the players are."

Dan Lanning is approaching his first head coaching job with a rare humbleness, leaving something for everyone to learn from.

I've gone on record before stating that the most important, and perhaps most underrated trait, of the best leaders in any walk of life is the ability to be genuinely humble. 

Coaches that have a hunger to learn more and challenge themselves and their beliefs have a much higher ceiling than the guys out there that get comfortable and don't challenge themselves. 

Coach for long enough, and you'll find yourself around both types of guys, and see the upward trajectory of those with a growth mindset, and see the red flags from guys with a mindset that is the opposite. Think about the greatest coaches that college and professional football have to offer and that's universally true across the board.

That brings me to something that Dan Lanning shared at the end of a recent presser, when he was asked about what he's learned about himself as a first time head coach halfway through their spring practices.

"I've said this a few times, but I just need to be myself and operate within what I know and that framework."

"I'm looking to be coached just as much as the players are. I'm looking for opportunities to grow for me, because I don't think that I have it all figured out and I've hired some really good coaches here to help us get better so it's a collaborative effort."

Only time will tell if Lanning has success as a head coach, but he's taking over a great program with incredible resources and has a humble, growth mindset that I know guys like me are really excited to see how it translates leading the Ducks.