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Deion Sanders weighs in on Alcorn State trainer situation

Rival Alcorn State doesn't have a full-time certified athletic trainer, and Coach Prime offered to help.

As John Brice has chronicled quite well for us here at FootballScoop, the Alcorn State football program is without a full-time athletic trainer. The Braves managed to play South Alabama last week, a 28-21 loss to the 3-0 FBS foe, and now must turn around and play Arkansas-Pine Bluff on Thursday night. 

Obviously, it's not a good situation and will remain touch-and-go until the school manages to hire at least one person to man this necessary position.

Deion Sanders heard about the issue at his SWAC conference mate and chimed in in that Deion way of his.

"I could get them (some trainers)," Sanders said. "I'm not trying to (belittle them), but that's phone calls, man. I mean, I wish we have the relationship that we could call each other, because, how many hospitals we have here in the city? I promise, I would've done it myself, sent you several trainers back because those kids deserve to get down, they deserve to play. We can't practice? Because the trainers? Like, please."

So, what do we think Deion's motive here is?

Is he genuinely trying to help with the best interest of Alcorn State's players in mind? Is this a machiavellian move on Prime's part, knowing the story will become "Deion offers to find Alcorn State's trainers," like the time he offered to pay for every SWAC player's name plate? Is this subtly insulting to Alcorn State head coach Fred McNair, implying he didn't already exhaust every bullet in his arsenal to get a certified athletic trainer on campus before the issue came to light? Are you and I part of the problem -- me for writing this article, you for reading it?

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

"My brother McNair, and that's a darn good coach," Sanders said. "That's a darn good, shoot, good team. Man, my brother McNair, if you can hit me right now, if you have a problem call me. If I can help, I'm going to help. Immediately. This is bigger than the little rivalry. This is about these kids, man. And I got love for that brother. He's a good dude."

Alcorn State and Jackson State have waged the Soul Bowl rivalry since 1946, though they've yet to meet in the Prime Era since Alcorn opted out of the spring campaign. Alcorn State won in 2018 and '19, by combined scores of 65-9. 

The 2021 edition isn't slated until the regular season finale, Nov. 20 in Jackson.