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Deion Sanders pitches Jackson State as the next Big 12 member

Amid a time of chaos and desperation in the Big 12, Coach Prime shoots his shot.

As of Thursday evening, Texas and Oklahoma are formally, officially, finally on their way out of the Big 12. The SEC invite is in hand, and each side's board of regents will authorize their respective presidents to accept the invite on Friday.

In the meantime, the Big 12 is in a scramble for its life.

The Remaining 8 would undoubtedly love to expand, but finding prospects that A) move the needle for audiences and networks, B) everyone can agree upon, and C) are willing to come will be difficult. At the same time, commissioner Bob Bowlsby is threatening to sue the league's main source of revenue and at least one school is wink-winking at other suitors

All in all, it's quite a time to be alive.

In all this time of happiness and harmony, here comes Deion Sanders.

I mean, if you really think about it, the Jackson media market combined with the number of recruits in Mississippi would mean...

Okay, no. Jackson State has no shot at Big 12 membership and Coach Prime knows that as well as you and I, but there's no harm in shooting your shot.