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Report: Details shared on separation agreement between Vic Koenning and WVU

Back on July 22nd, West Virginia announced that they had come to a mutual separation agreement with defensive coordinator Vic Koenning following, Koenning was placed on administrative leave on June 23rd following allegations from a Mountaineer player surfaced and an investigation followed.

Today, 247 Sports released some details on that separation agreement, although the school did decide to withhold some of the specific information regarding the investigation into the allegations into Koenning noting that it was in the best interest of the players still in the program that were involved.

Koenning, who previously spent two seasons with WVU head coach Neal Brown at Troy calling the defense, had two years remaining on his contract valued at $1,074,059.

To settle that financial obligation, the report shares that WVU has committed to pay Koenning $24,663.26 every two weeks from August 1 - January 31, 2021 and then $9,672.46 every two weeks from February 1, 2021 - through when his contract was set to end on February 28, 2022.

The article states that WVU owes Koenning that money regardless of how much he makes with a future employer, and the school will not mitigate the amount it owes Koenning and also will not place any parameters on where he can work in the future.

Other "non-financial" terms of the agreement were agreed between the two parties to remain confidential.

See the full article from 247 with more details on the agreement here.