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Football by the Numbers: Less than 7% of HS football players will continue to play in college, and other interesting numbers to share with your players


Earlier this afternoon, Old Dominion head coach Bobby Wilder tweeted out a list of statistical talking points published by the National Football Foundation that caught our attention.

As a player, I can remember seeing the same type of information posted up in our locker room saying that somewhere around just 6% of high school football players went on to play at the college level. I remember how motivating that was for me as a young player on a daily basis - how I wanted to be a part of that elite 6% while the other 94% became simply a college student.

See the tweet Wilder shot off below.

There are a number of interesting nuggets on the release, highlighted by the following points you'll want to share with your players, or pin up in the locker room:

  • 1.1 Million - The number of high school football players in the US
  • 6.5% - Number of HS football players that will go on to play in college
  • 255 - The number of college players drafted in 2015
  • 338 - The number of college players who signed free agent deals in 2015
  • .5% - The percentage of college football players who were on NFL rosters on opening day
  • 75% - The graduation rate of FBS student athletes (an all-time high) compared to just a 59% graduation rate of general student body body
  • 3.3 years - The average length of an NFL player's career
  • .0002% - The percentage of college football players that go on to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Hang these numbers up somewhere to serve as a daily reminder of the work ethic it takes to play at, and succeed at the next level.