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The FootballScoop #SchemeVault - Week 1

From the annual coaches convention, to running into coaches here and there traveling throughout the summer, one thing I seem to consistently hear is how much guys enjoy the weekly in-season installments of the #SchemeVault.

Every week from here on out, I'll do what I can to capture interesting schemes and wrinkles while also seeking out the best X's and O's content being shared on social media, and compile them all in the #SchemeVault for you to take in. Maybe you just admire them, or maybe you take them and put your own stamp on them, either way this is where all the fun stuff will be.

If one of these wrinkles helps you win a game, convert during a key situation, or becomes a staple for you and your program, I'd love to hear about it (and see it).

Dig into the first version of the 2019 #SchemeVault below.

Everyone is running GT nowadays. Here is how William and Mary are doing it a bit differently

The Panthers dialing up some single wing inspiration

Seeing this play our of a number of different looks recently

Nice counter wrinkle to the popular wide zone play

Really like this play design from Gus Malzahn

For the defensive guys - really well executed blitz here vs. Alabama in a full-slide protection

Nice, simple reverse pass from Kansas during their week 1 victory

Three safety looks are really popular right now. Here's one of GT's version vs. Clemson week 1

Not sure if pulling both tackles was designed, but this QB counter from Oklahoma worked brilliantly.

Special teams often get overlooked in the scheme vault, but this wrinkle from Louisville is interesting.