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Georgia Southern player apologizes for pre-game joy ride

Senior DL Gavin Adcock chugged a beer on top of a moving bus ahead of Georgia Southern's game on Saturday, and everything went downhill from there.

This past weekend was not one that will be remembered fondly in the proud history of Georgia Southern football.

For one, the Eagles lost, 28-20 to Louisiana. The setback was the program's third straight of the season, and served as the last straw for head coach Chad Lunsford. He was fired Sunday.

As if all that wasn't enough, a video clip of an Eagles player surfing on top of a bus and chugging a beer extended to him from the crowd made the rounds online. 

In the clip that went viral, Twitter user @WilliamBussey32 reacted with a tone that could be read equally as admonishment or admiration, depending on your view of the situation.

"This man is swag surfing the bus and get a stone cold Steve hammer beer pass and chugged it flawlessly. Before the football game. Wow," he tweeted.

Fair or not, the fact that Georgia Southern went out and lost the game indicated an Eagles team whose collective minds were not appropriately focused on the task.

On Monday, the player in question -- fifth-year senior nose guard Gavin Adcock -- apologized. 

Adcock has since been suspended indefinitely. 

AD Jared Benko indicated Sunday that Adcock's surfing escapade factored into his decision to fire Lunsford.

"I share with our coaches and staff all the time, every day is an evaluation... Everything up to the time of the decision was factored in," he said.