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Here's a detailed look at how Nick Saban delegates Alabama's film responsibilities

How Nick Saban delegates who is watching what when breaking down film is impressive.

The only thing more impressive than Nick Saban's record since arriving in Tuscaloosa is his ability to remain a national title contender year after year after his staff with quality coaches and recruiters.

That would simply not be possible if it weren't for a detailed system Saban has developed and honed over the years for his staff. 

Few know what is included in that system, but last night James Light tweeted a page from Saban's coaches manual detailing the film responsibilities of his offensive staff.

The page was taken from 2015 with Lane Kiffin served as offensive coordinator and some of the rest of the offensive staff consisted of Mario Cristobal (OL), Burton Burns (RBs), and Billy Napier (WRs) and the sheet lays out what they should be watching their opponent film for, and what to be prepared to have answers for in staff meetings.

It's outstanding stuff that is going to prompt a lot of head coaches (including myself) and coordinators to rework what we ask for in game preparation.

If Saban decides someday to peel back the curtain more of what is included in that system, I'm confident it would be regarded in the same type of light that Bill Walsh's iconic book, Finding the Winning Edge is now, with copies going for over $300 currently.

Alabama Film Responsibilities
Alabama Film Responsibilities 2