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Kansas State team ends their boycott of team activities

Back on June 27th, Kansas State players united in a boycott of team activities following an insensitive and racist tweet by a student of the university regarding the death of George Floyd. Players wanted to see the student expelled, but legally, the school acknowledged a few days ago that they weren't going to be able to do that without violating free speech rights.

Instead, the university has announced that while they may not be able to expel the student, what they can do is use the incident as a catalyst for change on campus.

Last night, quarterback Skyler Thompson announced on social media that the team decided to end their boycott of team activities.

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The team's decision comes after the school announced the creation of an 11-step plan to help address racial and social injustice at the school, a new diversity and inclusion fund and plan that includes a diversity and inclusion for student athletes, coaches, and staff with monthly town hall sessions, a commitment recruit "a broad set of applicants for department staff and coaching positions," and a host of other measures.

"We will not stand for social injustice," Athletics Director Gene Taylor shared in the school's announcement on Wednesday. "Now is the time for us to build upon the Diversity and Inclusion program that we launched two years ago and make bigger strides in the areas of racial injustice and racism. I am so proud of our student-athletes, coaches and staff for working together on these steps and know that our department and University will continue to evolve and grow tremendously."

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