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Lay of the land as UConn begins searching for their next head coach

Randy Edsall's time as head coach of the Huskies has come to an end. 

UConn leadership needs to define their vision for football at the University; and then they need to go find a new leader to execute that plan. 

Despite the headwinds the program is currently fighting; there is hope. Sources tell FootballScoop the depth of the candidate pool is not as shallow as some would think. 

On today's podcast we went in-depth discussing the opportunity UConn has in front of it, we discussed what traits the ideal candidate should have and we discussed a few coaches who fit the mold that UConn should be seeking to find. 

We all agree that the ideal candidate needs to bring a new energy into the program, someone who has had success leading a program, and potentially most importantly someone who can bring a staff that can develop the roster. 

The recruiting plan is important, both at the high school level and through the transfer portal. Someone who can immediately bring day one players could be a game-changer. 

On the pod below we first address the situation and the path forward and then discuss specific candidates. 

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