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Nick Saban attempts to clear the air with apology, adds "I feel bad about it"

After starting a firestorm of controversy with comments regarding Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M buying players last night, Nick Saban took to ESPNU Radio this afternoon to clear the air a bit.

For starters, he offered an apology for singling Jimbo and the Aggies out.

“I should have never really singled anybody out," Saban shared.

"That was a mistake and I really apologize for that part of it."

The apology comes after Jimbo called his own presser this morning and went right at Saban, not holding anything back with his critical comments.

Saban says that he did reach out to Jimbo, but "never got a response," adding "I feel bad about it."

“My concern is college football in general," Saban would go on to add. "I think a lot of us are concerned about it. People want to understand what’s happening in college football, why are players transferring and getting money to do so?"

"I don't think NIL is an issue at all. I think the collectives are."

"I wasn’t saying anyone did anything illegal. That was something that was assumed. That wasn’t what I meant or what I said. It’s not illegal. It’s the system that allows you do it [that I really have a problem with]."

"If alumni give money, or money is raise through a collective to give to a player, that's really no different than alumni giving the player money. The collective becomes a representative of the school and you can't do that."

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