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Ohio State drops a 'football is back' hype video

The last time Ohio State dropped a hype video, it came under the strangest of circumstances. The date was Aug. 6 and the tone was... desperate?

“We want to give you something to hope for,” the narrator said over clips of Buckeye players — masked — straining through a workout. “We want to reward your sacrifice in the best way we know how. We want a season.”

The video was meant to hype the Buckeye faithful up for battle -- not against Penn State, That Team Up North or a Playoff run, but for a public battle to keep the season alive. We know how that worked out.

Today, Ohio State dropped a new one. You know the circumstances.

Under those jubilant tones sit the weight of expectations. For everything this program has gone through, for all they've asked of their players, their supporters, their administrators, there will be an expectation to deliver.

If ever a college football season carried "National Championship or Bust" expectations, it's the 2020 Ohio State Buckeyes.

And how lucky are we that we'll get to watch them go for it.