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On today's episode of As the Big Ten Turns...

It appears Dan Patrick's source gets around.

A day after Patrick went to air with sourced information saying the Big Ten was now considering an Oct. 10 start date, threedifferentOhio State sites plus a Nebraska site have come out with reports saying a re-vote with an eye toward an October re-start is on the table.

"Multiple sources confirmed to Lettermen Row that early October is believed to be a workable option from the football perspective, and additional sources across the league indicated that it would need to be considered if there is already potential presidential approval for playing in November or January," one report read.

"A behind the scenes vote count is being taken, and if there is enough support to bring it to a vote, it will happen. If they know they won’t get the 9 votes from the Presidents/Chancellors on Friday there won’t be a revote," said another.

If you're starting to feel like you've wandered back in time to the days of Realignment Rumor Mania, you're not alone.

Look, is it possible these reports are correct, a sizable number of Big Ten presidents have a change of heart and the Big Ten is back on the field in five weeks' time? Yes. Anything's possible.

But we have to note all these reports are coming out of Columbus and Lincoln, the places that have been the loudest the longest about the canceled fall season. But nothing but deafening silence has emerged from Bloomington, from Minneapolis, from Champaign. Those schools get votes, too.

Maybe this is all an effort to get the schools that want to play back on the field ASAP, while everyone that doesn't can play in the spring or wait for fall 2021.

Or maybe a last minute, behind the scenes vote is a way for those schools to signal to their fan bases, "Hey, we pushed as hard as we could." A show of hands is taken, something close to 11 hands shoot up against re-starting the fall season, and everyone moves on.

Remember, it doesn't matter what plan coaches or ADs think may be workable, it's the presidents' opinions who matter. And it was just two days ago that Nebraska AD Bill Moos went on record with this:

As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest.

Update: The topic of an October Big Ten season has now reached a third campus.