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An open letter from a high school coach to parents

The following screen shot has been getting shared a bunch via both Facebook and Twitter, and holds a lot of truth about being a coach.

Still, it just scratches the surface of what a coach does, and the important role we are tasked with playing in the lives of our student-athletes.

The letter reads:

An open letter to parents,
From a high school football coach

I teach your son in school, I coach him on the field. I spend 6 quality hours with your son each day. I talk to his other teachers about his grades and set up tutoring when needed. We discuss behavior and discipline when needed. We talk about relationships with girls, friends, God and you, the parents. I pick him up and take him home and sometimes have to go out late to keep him out of trouble. I buy him lunch and snacks when he forgets to ask you for lunch money. I monitor his social media postings and online activity. I invite and talk to colleges that fit him and his needs. I write recommendations to community leaders for those not going to college. I pray for him daily. Sometimes I put him above my own family time. I tell him "I love you" because I do. For a lot of my boys, I AM YOU.

BTW, I apologize for always calling the "wrong play" or playing the "wrong kid" on Friday nights. I'll work on that.

See the full screen shot below.

If anyone knows where the original post comes from, please let me know at so we can give a proper tip of the cap.