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Oregon's new uniforms keep it sleek and simple (well, simple-ish)

Oregon has a new head coach, and you know what that means -- new uniforms. Well, new-ish.

The Ducks unveiled Oregon 2.0 on Wednesday night, which is actually more like Oregon 7.0 if we're counting back to when Nike (through Oregon) basically invented the modern era of college football uniforms during the Joey Harrington days.

Joey Harrington

These new kits aren't exactly a huge departure from how the Ducks previously dressed -- shown below in the 2017 Las Vegas Bowl -- but it's worth examining since the elements you see here will probably show up elsewhere in college football and the high school game within a few years.

Las Vegas Bowl

As you'll see, the new uniforms are louder, with big, bright number fonts screaming across the chest, backed by an unmissable monochromatic look. Oregon unveiled green, yellow, white and black versions, which can -- and undoubtedly will -- be mixed and matched throughout the season.

Oregon 1
Oregon 4
Oregon 7
Oregon 10

If the electrical tape-style numbers aren't enough, the nameplates will stand out through a contrasting color base.

Oregon 5

And as you saw above, those Ducks that opt to wear visors will wear Oregon-branded visors. Just like your grandpa wore.

Oregon 11

Each uniform also comes with its own Nike Vapor cleat.

Oregon 8
Oregon 12
Oregon 3
Oregon 6

So there you have it. If gigantic numerals become a thing moving forward, you know who to blame.