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The Patriots' sixth rings are in

We all have our summertime traditions. Maybe you gather with family on the same lake every year. Maybe you vacation to the same beach each Fourth of July week.

For the New England Patriots, each summer they head to Robert Kraft's estate on Cape Cod, and the party favor is a Super Bowl ring.

Well, not exactly -- but it pretty much feels like it.

For the sixth time, the Patriots are Super Bowl champions, and for the sixth time they are the owners of Super Bowl rings. The breadth of this dynasty can be measured in two shots of the one player in Patriots red, silver and blue for all six of them.

These rings are the blingiest of them all, with six white gold Lombardi trophies, 422 total diamonds and 20 sapphires -- representing all 20 AFC East titles.

Look at this man, the most bejeweled man in NFL history.

Bill Belichick rings