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Report: Urban on thin ice with owner, staff and locker room

The damages done from last weekend's viral video after Urban opted to not fly back with his team after a loss may be more significant than we all thought, according to a recent report.

Earlier this week, while answering for his viral video from last weekend, Urban Meyer was asked if he ever considered resigning and answered with a simple, "No." Owner Shad Khan also issued a strongly worded statement publicly, where he sent a stern message about Urban's "inexcusable" behavior, but also made it clear that he had faith that Urban would ultimately earn back the trust and respect of Jags players and fans.

Today, Jason La Canfora shares that the fallout from last weekend may be more significant than most initially believed.

La Canfora leads off by sharing that Khan is not considering a move on from Urban at this time, but adds that the damage done will leave "ownership with no choice but to move on by 2022."

The report adds that the issues stretch beyond ownership concerns and into the Jags locker room.

Those issues were magnified with how Urban chose to address the video with players. La Canfora shares that Urban cancelled their Monday team meeting and chose to have assistant coaches speak with the players about the situation. Urban ultimately did not address the video with the whole team until Wednesday, which sounds like has led to some significant rockiness among the staff and in the locker room.

The comments from sources connected to Jags players and staff don't mince words in the report, painting an even more significant uphill battle for Urban to dig himself out of than everyone originally thought.

Urban and the Jags (0-4) are facing the Titans (2-2) today.

For even the most successful college coaches to have success in the NFL there has to be so many things go right, and it's clear to see that there is very little going right for the Jags so far early on this season.

See La Canfora's full piece here.