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Sean McVay reaches TV decision

McVay has decided to coach the LA Rams' title defense, rather than analyze someone else coaching his team's title defense.

Sean McVay will not pass on coaching the Los Angeles Rams' title defense in order to talk about someone else coaching the Rams' title defense.

Adam Schefter reported Friday evening McVay has informed Amazon he will not take the analyst job with Amazon's Thursday Night NFL package. The Jeff Bezos behemoth had reportedly zeroed in on Troy Aikman before he instead opted to join ESPN, necessitating an approach of McVay.

The New York Post's Andrew Marchand reported the company could have gone as high as $100 million... over five years... to broadcast football.

The 36-year-old McVay was non-committal about returning to the Rams after last week's Super Bowl victory, but talking about leaving and actually leaving are worlds of difference, and it appears McVay is not ready to walk away just yet. 

McVay has behaved like a man preparing for a sixth season in LA ever since defeating the Bengals to win the title, restocking his offensive staff after coordinator Kevin O'Connell left for Minnesota and took pass game coordinator Wes Phillips with him. But those moves were made before Aikman left Fox for ESPN, leaving Fox and Amazon without the No. 1 analysts they both likely thought they'd have for the coming season.

Fox has reportedly been in discussions with former Saints head coach Sean Payton, a natural move for a coach who just left the game. Leaving the game to then work in TV has essentially become a rite of passage for high-wattage coaches and players. But leaving the game to work in TV would've been uncharted territory, and McVay wasn't prepared to chart that territory.

At least not yet.  

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