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Senator writes letter urging Big Ten to play

The Big Ten may be hours away from canceling its football season, but it's not going without a fight.

The conference's athletes have been at the forefront of a coordinated effort to preserve the season, and on Monday they got help from an unlikely ally: Senator Ben Sasse.

Sasse, a Republican from Nebraska, served as the president of Midland University in Nebraska before ascending to the Senate, and leaned on that credential in the letter, while also alluding to presidents feeling different in private than in public.

Read the letter in full below, via Ross Dellenger.

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Interestingly, Nebraska's president was one of two Big Ten CEOs still in favor of playing this season, according to Dan Patrick. (Iowa was reportedly the other.)

Sasse doesn't have the power to force Big Ten presidents to do anything they don't want to do, but he leverage their decision to rally public support (for football and himself) and make the decision as painful as it can possibly be for Big Ten leadership.

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