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"Steven in SC" called into the Dan Patrick show as a guest, but the OBC couldn't go unnoticed

Whether it's taking jabs at his in state rival, ripping his team during a post game presser, or bouncing from a press conference within one minute, nothing that Steve Spurrier does surprises anyone at this point in his career.

So when Spurrier called into the Dan Patrick Show this morning as a guest when DP had fellow Gamecock Darius Rucker on the show, it's not surprising that he tried to go under the radar when calling in as "Steven from Columbia, South Carolina"...and it's even less surprising that he got called out pretty quick.

It literally took less than 10 seconds before Rucker asked "is this the old ball coach?" and Patrick looks like he smelled something cooking a few words into the call.

During the course of the quick call, Spurrier notes how he's on the way to Tampa for the women's Final Four to support the Gamecock women's basketball team, weighs in on Rucker writing a fight song for SC, and talks about his first concert - where Johnny Cash asked him and his buddies at Florida where he could get a beer after the concert backstage.