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Supreme Court clears the way for nation-wide sports gambling

By a 7-2 decision on Monday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court has sided with the state of New Jersey in striking down a 1992 law that banned nationwide sports gambling.

The ruling does not automatically make sports gambling legal in all 50 states, but instead clears the path for each state to legalize it on its own without federal intrusion. New Jersey (obviously) was the fastest-moving state on this issue, with casinos and horse racing tracks readying to take sports wagers reportedly as soon as the NBA Finals. Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and West Virginia are the next in line. Mileage may very elsewhere depending on your state legislature, but states with casino infrastructure already in place -- Oklahoma and Louisiana, to name two -- seem like good bets (get it?) to get in on the action.

Monday's ruling is the gateway to a world in which fans can place bets at their local sports bar, the convenience store, even the concession stands of their own stadiums.

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