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Texas OC Mike Yurcich is opening up his playbook over Twitter

There are no winners in college football's ongoing, seemingly unending hiatus, but it stands to reason some programs are primed to lose more than others. For instance, those making wholesale changes. Which, to be fair, is almost everybody.

For starters, 24 programs changed head coaches after the 2019 season, but it goes well beyond that. FootballScoop has tracked 56 offensive coordinator changes and 44 defensive coordinator changes. And this doesn't count the number of programs changing quarterbacks, centers, free safeties or any other players charged with relaying the coaches' play calls from the sideline to the field.

Texas happens to be in that group. Following a disappointing 7-5 regular season, Tom Herman made wholesale changes on his coaching staff, including in all three coordinator spots.

The 'Horns are fortunate to return a franchise player in rising senior quarterback Sam Ehlinger, but they're now faced with the reality of not putting their new coordinators' schemes into action until June at the earliest.

That's not to say they're taking this bout of nationwide adversity lying down. Like everyone else, Texas is making the best of a bad situation, and for new offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich that means using his downtime to pull a Sean Payton and share some of his favorite plays with his 18,000 followers.

He's even got some jokes for April Fool's Day.

If we're all lucky, hopefully this fall we can watch an Ehlinger touchdown pass -- or, who knows, a third-and-long triple option keeper -- and chuckle to ourselves, "Hey, I remember when Yurcich broke that play down on Twitter."