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"The worst three words in football..."

You could make the case for a lot of phrases to be the worst three words in football, but Warren Sapp recently shared three that will ring true for players and coaches.

Warren Sapp enjoyed a playing career that earned him a spot in the Hall of Fame.

As memorable as his play was, Sapp was also a product of The U in their heyday, so he also had no shortage of sound bytes throughout his career.

Sapp was a guest at Washington Commanders practices last week, and took advantage of a few moments where he delivered another zinger.

Asked about how important technique was later in his career for a guy that was incredibly skilled as he came into the league, Sapp touched on the importance of intentional hard work daily, and how important it is to never think you have arrived.

"I didn't know how to pass rush when I came into the national football league. Me and Rod Marinelli spent 15,000 hours out on the took me a year and a half to develop that post jump."

"Just like I tell them, it's an every day battle. You've got to work hard every day, so when this season comes along you've got a foundation for all the Pro Bowls and other stuff that comes with it."

"You gotta work on it. The worst three words in football are 'we got it,' or 'I got it.' You ain't go shit in this game. You better work on it."

Sapp's words are aimed at players, but they ring true for coaches as well. Coach long enough and you'll be around guys who get too comfortable, and the game passes them by.