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Thursday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

Nice quick video from Texas A&M

This is no joke...

Oh wow...

Texas Tech has made a tweak to their unis

That's wild

What are the chances...?

I LOVE this. The quote of the day

Realyl good little video here from Oklahoma

No. No. NO! 1. Waffle 2. Curly 3. Crinkle 4. Wedge 5. Regular 6. Shoestring 7. Steak

Great Bob Stoops story

The best from yesterday:

Bob Stoops is retiring at Oklahoma

Video: This College Football hype video is something special

When your offensive coordinator is gone, can your quarterback step in and call the plays?

Would your athletic director and coordinators do this?

USA Football unveils… Rookie Tackle

Wednesday’s One Minute Warm Up